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Romania’s central bank hikes monetary policy rate as expected

Question: Hello - did you see Isarescu commenting on a potential ideal gap between the policy rate and inflation during the Q&A pls?

Answers: Hello, indeed Isarescu touched this topic. But it was about the gap between inflation and money market interest rates [not policy interest rate]. What he clearly said, was that no one should expect the interest rates to rise in line with inflation soon [this would be bankers' wishful thinking, he implied between the lines]. He also mentioned that the [nearly] 2pp between the interest rates and inflation in Europe [euro area] is same in Romania [more or less, with the gap wider in Romania judging by numbers] at this moment. He did not say whether the gap will remain the same, but he implied that the developments in Romania should [and he stressed, in his opinion] converge to the developments in Europe. Both the interest rates and inflation in Romania should converge to same levels as in Europe , he also added. Isarescu also mentioned debates among monetary board's members about the process of normalisation of the monetary policy in Europe -- by normalisation meaning the return to real positive interest rates, sterilisation and monetary transmission mechanism as we know it. It is a process that impacts Romania significantly, he stated, and its dynamics is still unclear. [such normalisation would compress the 2pp gap and in fact, eventually, turn it negative -- our comments here ] In conclusion, the 2pp gap should be regarded as a dynamic target -- likely to follow the developments in the euro area. Because otherwise, combined with the 3.5% y/y yearend conflagration target it would result in 1.5% interest rates at the end of the year [which is unrealistic]. The bottom line: Isarescu's comments were not about the policy rate, but about the interest rates. whole speech here with the para mentioned starting min45  

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Poland’s PKN Orlen signs LOI to take over gas giant PGNiG

July 14, 2020

Warsaw-listed refiner PKN Orlen has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to take over Poland’s oil and gas exploration and production company PGNiG, PKN Orlen said on July 14. The LOI marks another ...

Skype cofounder Toivo Annus dies suddenly at the age of 48

July 14, 2020

Toivo Annus, a prominent Estonian entrepreneur and engineer, who was known as one of the founders of Skype, a global telecommunications application, has died suddenly at the age of 49. His widow ...

Moldova’s government terminates concession contract for Chisinau airport

July 14, 2020

The Public Property Agency (APP) of Moldova has terminated the contract with Avia Invest regarding the concession of Chisinau International Airport due to its non-compliance with the investment ...

Uzbekistan halts air and rail travel until August 1

July 13, 2020

Uzbekistan halted air and rail transportation on domestic routes on July 13, a statement from the Ministry of Transport said on ...

Chinese embassy warns over “unknown pneumonia” deadlier than coronavirus spreading in Kazakhstan

July 10, 2020

An “unknown pneumonia” with a death rate much higher than the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected people in several Kazakhstani cities, Chinese embassy officials have warned.  ...

Serbia backs down over curfew that sparked violent protests

July 9, 2020

Serbia’s government gave up on a planned weekend curfew in Belgrade on July 9 following two nights of violent protests but imposed other restrictions as the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases ...

EU reportedly to back Croatia, Bulgaria for ERM2 entry

July 9, 2020

Members of the eurozone reportedly are ready to back Bosnia and Croatia for membership in the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM2) and the European banking union, Reuters reported on July 9, quoting four ...

Uzbekistan to impose second lockdown from July 10

July 9, 2020

Uzbekistan will impose a second lockdown for several weeks after reporting an increase in new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, newswires reported on July 8.  Along with other Central Asian ...

Turkmenistan cancels events because of "dust in the air" and "fashion reasons", still claims to be coronavirus-free

July 9, 2020

Turkmen authorities have cancelled this year’s TM Fashion show, scheduled for July 11, “for fashion reasons,” according to authorities in that country, Hronikatm reported on July 9. ...

Dozens wounded as police clash with protesters in Serbia

July 8, 2020

Dozens of protesters were wounded in the second day of rallies in Serbia when thousands of people took to the streets of capital Belgrade and the towns of Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac, angered by the ...

Kosovo’s new civil code opens the way for gay marriage

July 8, 2020

Kosovo’s new Civil Code, currently in draft form, opens the way for same-sex marriages, Justice Minister Selim Selimi told a press conference on July 7.  According to Selimi, the draft of ...

Romania raises $3.3bn in US dollar-denominated Eurobonds

July 8, 2020

Romania's finance ministry tapped the international markets on July 7, selling $3.3bn worth of Eurobonds denominated in US dollars with maturities of 10 and 30 years. Romania previously issued ...

Fiat resumes production in Serbian factory

July 7, 2020

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has resumed operations in its assembly plant in Serbia after halting operations in mid-February, b92 reported on July 7. FCA closed the plant in Kragujevac in ...

Prosecutors summon Bulgarian PM over links to suspect in illegal waste import probe

July 6, 2020

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has been summoned for interrogation by the specialised prosecution after Plamen Bobokov, a businessman suspected of being involved in illegal waste imports, ...

Four bidders compete for €273mn helicopter contract in Romania

July 6, 2020

Four bidders have submitted offers in the tender organised by the Romanian government for purchasing up to 12 helicopters for the emergency service IGSU for an estimated price of €273mn, ...

Mongolia’s Khovd province quarantined over bubonic plague scare

July 5, 2020

Western Mongolian has quarantined part of its western border with China over a bubonic plague scare. Two residents from Khovd province were confirmed to be infected with the plague after eating ...

Slovenia deploys police as pro-government “yellow vests” turn out against anti-government protest

July 5, 2020

The weekly protests taking place in Ljubljana entered their 11th week on July 3, when several hundred protesters rode through the Slovenian capital on bicycles to express their unhappiness with the ...

Slovenian SID Bank’s €350mn “coronabonds” issue oversubscribed

July 2, 2020

Slovenia’s SID Bank successfully issued COVID-19 bonds worth €350mn on international capital markets, the bank announced on July 2.  The state-owned bank will use the funds raised to help ...

Turkey seesawing between earthquakes and floods

July 2, 2020

Turkey has become familiar with a worrying pattern in which it experiences low magnitude earthquakes more frequently than usual. Since last autumn, ...

Four Turkish MPs diagnosed with COVID-19

July 2, 2020

Four Turkish MPs, one from the governing AKP and three from the pro-Kurdish HDP, have been diagnosed as having coronavirus ...