Ukraine's surprise strong growth in 2Q19 will probably trigger its warrant payments

Ben Aris in Berlin August 16, 2019

Ukraine’s unexpected spike in economic growth to 4.6% in the second quarter means the warrants offered bond holders in 2015 in exchange for delaying coupons will almost certainly be triggered at the end of this year.

Europe turning Turkey into top “dumping ground” for plastic waste

bne IntelliNews August 15, 2019

Plastic waste imports arriving in country soar tenfold to over 40,000 tonnes/month following China’s move to ban shipments.

INVESTOR WARNING: Kyrgyzstan contains frequent scenes of unsettling violence

bne IntelliNews August 14, 2019

Central Asia’s great democratic hope remains a land of uncertainty for foreign businesses thinking of setting up there.

The Kremlin’s attempts to control the internet threaten Russia’s most vibrant sector

Ben Aris in Berlin August 13, 2019

With social unrest on the rise in Russia, the Kremlin is trying to increase its control over internet content. That will hurt what is the most vibrant part of Russia's economy and home to some of its best companies.

Serbia the latest country to report African swine fever as global epidemic spreads in Eastern Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow August 13, 2019

Serbia became the latest country to see its pigs fall victim to African swine fever (ASF) on August 12, when the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) announced four outbreaks in the Balkan country.

Banking on change in Lviv

Ben Aris in Berlin August 13, 2019

Owned by an Icelandic chess grandmaster, Bank Lviv is based in one of Ukraine's most prosperous regions and is focusing on funding SMEs as the economy starts to grow again.

Which country is the biggest FDI investor into Russia? It’s Cyprus... Not.

Ben Aris in Berlin August 9, 2019

Which country is the biggest investor into Russia? It’s Cyprus. At least that is according to the official figures from the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). But of course it isn’t really. A new study sheds light on the true origin of Russia's FDI

ATAMBAYEV SURRENDERS: Kyrgyz special forces follow up on botched first raid on ex-president’s compound

bne IntelliNews August 9, 2019

Charge over “illegal early release” of one of Kyrgyzstan’s most notorious crime bosses follows within hours. Rally of supporters broken up with tear gas and stun grenades.

The rubbish local politics in emerging Europe

Ben Aris in Berlin August 8, 2019

After nearly three decades of transition the peoples of emerging Europe are starting to hold their governments to account. The issue driving most is not ideology or corruption but demands to deal with everyday problems like rubbish collection.

CARNAGE IN KYRGYZSTAN: Special forces raid fails to grab ex-president Atambayev from his compound

bne IntelliNews August 8, 2019

One serviceman left dead and six taken hostage and later released by supporters of country’s ex-leader after bloody resistance.

CEE monthly bond wrap: Summer doldrums afflict Russian bond issue, but CE raises large amounts

Ben Aris in Berlin August 5, 2019

The emerging markets (EM) bond markets are well into their summer slowdown. There were virtually no bond issues from Russia at all in July but Central Europe saw $6.4bn of issues

IRAN SHOWDOWN: Tehran mocks “childish” US as Washington slaps sanctions on Iranian foreign minister

bne IntelliNews August 1, 2019

New report, meanwhile, suggests Islamic Republic may be successfully using cloaked oil exports to get around Trump administration’s main weapon in its attempt at throttling nation’s economy.

Georgia in vino vertitas

bne IntelliNews July 31, 2019

​The Georgians like to describe themselves as the “cradle of wine” with a rich, 8,000-year history of wine-making. Wine was produced and drunk in Tbilisi before the Roman Empire was founded and today it remains home to over 500 unique grape varieties

STRUGGLE IN THE STRAIT: Iran, UAE reopen talks after six years as business hub feels the heat

bne IntelliNews July 30, 2019

Emirates are not showing the taste for strangling the Iranian economy that is seen from big allies Saudi Arabia and US. Nervousness over Gulf shipping unsettling for Arab monarchies.

Electric car sector deals position South Korea as Hungary’s top investor

Levente Szilagyi in Budapest July 25, 2019

Major South Korean electronics and components firms are looking to Hungary as a manufacturing base to serve the growing European market for electric vehicles.

TURKEY INSIGHT: Are these markets for real?

Akin Nazli in Belgrade July 18, 2019

For now, Erdogan, the master of distraction, appears to have enough economic and political control. But, if behind the scenes he is digging as frantically as some observers believe, he’ll struggle to get out of his deep hole.