All to play for in Russian-Chinese backyard

bne IntelIiNews March 21, 2023

Russia and China will struggle for common policy on possible Russian soft underbelly Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, the vital Europe/Asia Caucasus crossroads, the Baltics, CEE and SEE.

Taliban threaten water resources of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan

bne IntelIiNews March 17, 2023

Kosh Tepa canal irrigation project could deplete Amu Darya border river flows.

PANNIER: Blinken visit delivered prod rather than shove in right direction for Central Asia

Bruce Pannier March 14, 2023

Kremlin nevertheless bristled at top diplomat’s arrival, saying “there is no place for the democratisation experiments of Washington”.

Central Asia’s poorest farmers know the value of their land

bne IntelIiNews March 10, 2023

Farmland and pastures across the region are far less productive after decades of monocropping.

Ukrainian refugees and Russian migrants bring economic benefits but also stresses to Emerging Europe

bne IntelliNews March 3, 2023

Looking forward to the end of the war, whenever it happens, policymakers are already speculating on how many of the refugees and migrants are likely to stay and how many will return.

Tehran, Almaty live in fear of earthquake hell

bne IntelIiNews February 25, 2023

No-one can say for sure where the next Big One will hit.

Strong earthquake strikes Tajikistan near Chinese border

bne IntelIiNews February 23, 2023

As death toll from the major Turkey-Syria quakes passes 50,000, Tajiks relieved that 6.8-magnitude tremor has hit remote area.

HESS: Russia is down, but not out, in Central Asia

Maximilian Hess February 18, 2023

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has weakened its influence in Central Asia, especially in Kazakhstan. Russia is no longer a regional hegemon, which may increase regional instability. Tensions between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are especially dangerous.

Rising EM debt and geopolitical tensions hurt China's BRI ambitions in Emerging Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 16, 2023

Faced with governments struggling with high debt burdens in South Asia and Africa, and growing regulatory caution in Europe, China is increasing its focus on Central Asia, Fitch analysts said.

More gloom ahead as EBRD cuts 2023 growth forecasts

bne IntelliNews February 16, 2023

The EBRD lowered its forecasts for more than half its 36 countries of operation, anticipating average growth of just 2.1% this year.

4,000 Islamic State fighters gathered near Afghanistan border with Tajikistan says Kremlin officer

bne IntelIiNews February 16, 2023

Warning picks up on growing worries of Islamic militant infiltration into Russia’s Central Asian backyard.

PANNIER: Rustam Emomali’s long and winding road to Tajikistan’s presidency

Bruce Pannier February 15, 2023

Each time he appears to near the prize, difficulties caused by external events seem to snatch it away.

Number of Tajiks seeking to get Russian citizenship growing fast

Eurasianet February 14, 2023

174,000 Tajiks became citizens of Russia in 2022, up from 104,000 the year before.

IMF: Charting globalization’s turn to 'slowbalization' after world financial crisis

Jeff Kearns of the IMF February 9, 2023

The free flow of ideas, people, goods, services, and capital across national borders leads to greater economic integration. But globalization, the trend toward these things moving ever more freely between nations, has slowed in recent years.

Iran denies setting up combat drone factory with Russia

bne IntelIiNews February 7, 2023

Newspaper report says Iranian delegation travelled to Russia to look at potential for production plant in Tatarstan.

COMMENT: The new Cold War will be different, and not only because of China

Peter Szopo February 6, 2023

Mercantilism is also replacing globalisation, and the US has a declining interest in European affairs.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Taliban’s lousy power deals exposed as Uzbekistan pulls plug in deadly cold

Fuad Shahbazov February 3, 2023

Partly thanks to infrastructure projects blown up by the militants while they were trying to turf out the US, Afghanistan is dependent on neighbours for 73% of its electricity.

Time running out for wrecker of Tajikistan’s internet as Rahmon loses temper

Eurasianet February 3, 2023

Beg Sabur has been dispatched to the Pamirs to start work on overhauling the nation's internet.

Turkmenistan: A kick in the gas

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin February 1, 2023

Moscow curries favour, neighbours seek more gas, and Turkmenistan’s colossal methane pollution could power Afghanistan at little cost many times over. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

Big freeze that was feared by gas hungry Europe hits Central Asia, Iran

bne IntelliNews correspondents January 20, 2023

Tales of families sleeping in cars that are warmer than homes as cold front brings sub-zero temperatures not experienced in half a century.