French President Macron promises Belarus’ opposition leader Tikhanovskaya to do all he can to help

Ben Aris in Berlin September 29, 2020

In a show of solidarity with the people of Belarus, French President Emmanuel Macron met with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, leader of the opposition and nominal winner of the disputed August 9 elections.

Nobel laureate and Coordinating Council member Svetlana Alexievich leaves Belarus for medical treatment in Germany

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2020

Belarusian Nobel literature laureate and member of the Coordinating Council Svetlana Alexievich left the country for a month’s medical treatment in Germany, AFP reported on September 28.

Belarusian police use stun grenades, pepper spray and fire shots to control Sunday's mass rallies

Ben Aris in Berlin September 27, 2020

The violence at the Sunday mass rallies in Belarus went up yet another notch on September 27 when masked OMON officers used stun grenades against protesters, liberally doused the crowd with pepper stray and fired multiple shots into the air.

Lukashenko has isolated himself from the rest of the world with a secret inauguration

Ben Aris in Berlin September 25, 2020

Even former leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev has thrown his support behind the Belarusian population protesting against self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus IT specialists develop software to identify OMON officers wearing masks

Ben Aris in Berlin September 25, 2020

Belarusian IT specialists based in Los Angeles have developed software that allows them to identify police and OMON riot police officers even if they are wearing a mask. Once identified, the officers' names are added to online blacklists.

A dozen countries refuse to recognise Lukashenko’s inauguration

Ben Aris in Berlin September 24, 2020

A dozen countries refused to recognise Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus after he secretly inaugurated himself on September 23. Tensions were high in Minsk after the news broke and spontaneous protests erupted.

Lukashenko inaugurates himself in secret

Ben Aris in Berlin September 23, 2020

Fearing mass protests, Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko held an inauguration for himself in secret to complete the legal process of winning the disputed August 9 presidential election.

MITTELEUROPEAN INSIGHTS: Better $1.5bn from Russia or €1bn from the EU in the hand than $15-20bn in the bush?

Gunter Deuber of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna September 22, 2020

The meeting between the heads of state of Belarus and Russia some 10 days ago in Sochi was a non-event. Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko $1.5bn, but it is not enough. Belarus needs at least $20bn.

Belarus' IT workers exit the country

Vladimir Kozlov in Moscow September 22, 2020

A brutal crackdown on Belarusian protesters following the August 9 presidential election, rigged in favour of incumbent Alexander Lukashenko, has prompted a massive exodus of local IT companies and individual IT professionals.

Tikhanovskaya in Brussels to ask for help, but Cyprus vetoes EU proposed sanctions on Lukashenko

Ben Aris in Berlin September 21, 2020

Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was in Brussels on September 21 to lobby the EU for support in the people's fight to oust Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko, but was stymied by Cyprus vetoing the bill

Hackers release another 1,000 Belarusian police officers' names after OMON again ratchets up violence at weekend rallies

Ben Aris in Berlin September 21, 2020

Riot police, operating in larger groups, slowly escalating level of violence. Officers are grabbing protesters making their way home. Scandalous move sees authorities intern six-year-old son of detained activist in orphanage.

An “Italian strike” is hobbling production at Belarus’ biggest companies

Ben Aris in Berlin September 21, 2020

The opposition leaders called for a general strike in Belarus on August 11, two days after the disputed presidential election. It flopped. But as details of brutal police beatings came out two days later one company after another walked out on strike

Lukashenko warns of war, closes the Western borders… not

Ben Aris in Berlin September 18, 2020

Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko called on the people of Poland and Lithuania to “stop your crazy politicians”, who he warned are spoiling for war, and announced that he was closing the borders with Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Human Rights Watch documents police beatings, torture of protesters

Ben Aris in Berlin September 16, 2020

Human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch has released a report detailing the brutal police beatings and torture by Belarusian security forces during the crackdown on demonstrations after the blatantly falsified presidential elections.

Lukashenko, Putin meet in Sochi, Russia grants $1.5bn bailout loan... and more?

Ben Aris in Berlin September 14, 2020

Embattled Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko flew to Sochi in Russia and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to broker a rescue deal on September 14.

What Belarus’ neighbours think about the revolution

bne IntelliNews September 14, 2020

With Belarus in uproar a new front in the geopolitical showdown between east and west has been opened. But really it's the people who live next door to Belarus – Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania – that matter the most

Estimated quarter of million Belarusians turn out for March of the Heroes

Ben Aris in Berlin September 14, 2020

Protests against Belarus’ self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko continue to gather momentum. Protesters work to unmask and shame violent security officers online. Latest gathering blow to country’s dictator ahead of meeting with Putin.

The Belarusian Banshees

Ben Aris in Berlin September 13, 2020

“You shall not pass!” chanted the shrieking women as the OMON riot police tried to push at least 20 women out of the way of a van full of detainees.

Kolesnikova charged with organising coup d'état, accuses Belarus government of kidnapping

Ben Aris in Berlin September 10, 2020

Opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova has accused the Lukashenko regime of kidnapping her after she was jailed on charges of organising a coup d'état on September 9.

Missing opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova found in a Minsk jail

bne IntelliNews September 9, 2020

Missing opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova has been found in the Minsk remand prison, according to her father Alexander. On the same day President Alexander Lukashenko gave a two-hour interview to Russian journalists.