Western Balkans citizens legally resident in EU equal to 14% of region’s population

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 20, 2021

2.4mn people from the Western Balkans have residence permits for EU countries including 868,000 Albanians – over 30% of the country’s 2.8mn population, shows Eurostat data.

BALKAN BLOG: US approach to switch from quick-fix dealmaking to experience and cooperation

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 19, 2021

The outgoing Trump administration sought to score points against the EU in the Western Balkans and ignored the complexities of Balkan politics. His successor Joe Biden can be expected to do the opposite.

Western Balkans and Ukraine urged to scrutinise coal subsidies

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje January 19, 2021

Energy Community secretariat asks national state aid authorities to check compatibility with the EU state aid acquis after report revealed five Western Balkan countries plus Ukraine spent €2bn on coal subsides in 2015-2019.

ING: Growth in the Balkans: from zero to hero again?

Valentin Tataru and Trieu Pham of ING in Vienna January 14, 2021

ING reviews the main macroeconomic forecasts for Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia. While the resurgence of coronavirus infections has dashed hopes for a rapid V-shaped recovery, 2021 should still be a good year.

EBRD investments reach record €11bn in pandemic-struck 2020

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 14, 2021

The development bank's focus has been helping existing clients by providing short-term liquidity and working capital.

OUTLOOK 2021 Serbia

bne IntelliNews January 14, 2021

Serbia weathered the coronacrisis better than the rest of the Southeast Europe region, and no major political surprises are expected in the inter-election year of 2021.

Heavy flooding causes chaos in parts of Southeast Europe

bne IntelliNews January 11, 2021

Dozens of people have been evacuated from their homes in Albania and Kosovo, while emergency situations were declared in parts of Bulgaria and Serbia.

Serbia to launch talks with IMF on new reform programme

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2021

Serbia weathered 2020 better than its regional peers and did not approach the IMF for financial support during the coronacrisis, opting instead to tap the domestic and international markets.

BRICKS & MORTAR: Rosier future beckons for CEE retailers after year of change and disruption

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 10, 2021

A gloomy start to 2021, but labour markets and purchasing power in the CEE region are in much better shape than after the 2008 financial crisis, indicating retail will bounce back from the coronacrisis, says Colliers.

SAS buys UK-Serbian IT startup Boemska

bne IntelliNews January 8, 2021

Boemska specialises in low-code/no-code application deployment and analytic workload management for the SAS platform.

Storming parliaments: New Europe's greatest hits

bne IntelliNews staff January 7, 2021

The US has been rocked by the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters. But in New Europe, protesters storming parliament buildings is a common experience.

World Bank expects modest recovery for Europe and Central Asia in 2021

bne IntelliNews January 6, 2021

Recovery hinges on an effective rollout of coronavirus vaccines, averting further surges in cases that would threaten a rise in social and geopolitical tensions.

Vast tide of floating waste threatens Balkan hydropower plants

bne IntelliNews January 5, 2021

Tens of thousands of cubic meters of waste are floating on the Drina river and its tributaries as the countries in the river basin — Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia — have failed for years to upgrade their waste management systems.

BALKAN BLOG: Women's political representation or real political power?

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow December 28, 2020

Central and Southeast Europe now accounts for a third of the tiny number of states worldwide that have gender-balanced cabinets — but higher female representation in politics doesn’t necessarily equate to women holding real power.