Azerbaijan's State Oil Fund reports over $5bn in losses from asset management and FX in first nine months

Cavid Aga in Baku November 29, 2022

SOFAZ reported losses from asset management of $2.659bn, or 5.7% of its value, as well as extra-budgetary expenses amounting to $2.46bn, largely due to exchange rate appreciation.

Pashinyan refuses to sign CSTO declaration after bloc's failure to help Armenia

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan November 25, 2022

Getting the CSTO to send military assistance to Armenia and to condemn Azerbaijan's attacks were two of Yerevan's fundamental demands going into the summit.

Relaunch of Russian gas supplies to Azerbaijan raises questions about Baku-Brussels deal

bne IntelliNews November 22, 2022

Russia’s Gazprom announced on November 18 it would deliver up to 1bn cubic metres of natural gas to Azerbaijan between now and March under a new contract with the latter country’s state-owned oil firm SOCAR.

EBRD warns of risk of 'zombification'

Robert Anderson in London November 22, 2022

Development bank recommends countries should now gradually dial down help to vulnerable companies, so they can either learn to adapt to the new climate of higher interest rates or exit the market by going into insolvency.

Russia’s imports recover as trade pivots to the east

Ben Aris in Berlin November 20, 2022

Russia’s imports crashed after the invasion of Ukraine in February as Western trade partners simply cut supplies to the country off while around 1,000 firms promised to pull out altogether. Now they are recovering fast.

Asia-to-Europe Digital Silk Way investors to lay ‘internet corridor’ across bottom of Caspian Sea

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty November 17, 2022

Fibre-optic lines crucial part of project set to benefit up to 1.8bn people from Frankfurt to Mumbai.

TEHRAN BLOG: Iran takes aim at ‘gambler’ and ‘political dwarf’ Aliyev as Azerbaijan tensions simmer

bne IntelIiNews November 11, 2022

Amid rows over Baku’s designs on Armenian territory, Iranian establishment figure claims Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev has been “taunting” Iran and implicitly threatening its neighbour with a military attack.

Turkmenistan: Form an orderly pipeline

Akhal-Teke: Eurasianet November 2, 2022

Turkmenistan is finding new customers for its gas, while continuing to perform bizarre stunts for Guinness World Records. This and more in Eurasianet’s weekly briefing.

Azerbaijan cracks down on alleged armed group backed by Iran

bne IntelliNews November 2, 2022

Regime arrests 19 members of group it says was founded and funded by Azerbaijani Shia Islamist group Huseyniyyun.

Putin's negotiations with Armenia and Azerbaijan don't bring any concrete results

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan, Cavid Aga in Baku November 1, 2022

The Sochi summit underscored Russian efforts to regain the initiative in the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiating process from the EU and US.

Ukraine war brings Georgia’s troubled deep sea port back on to the agenda

Nini Gabritchidze for Eurasianet October 28, 2022

The mega project was cancelled in 2020 amid political acrimony and geopolitical speculation. Now, a shift in regional transport routes may be breathing new life into it.

‘Brotherly’ Azerbaijan and Turkey build lucrative Karabakh business ties

Ulqar Natiqqizi for Eurasianet October 25, 2022

A new $100mn project run by members of both presidents’ families highlights the tight relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Is the Middle Corridor all it’s cracked up to be?

Kanat Shaku in Almaty October 15, 2022

Avoiding sanctioned Russia in shipping freight between East Asia and Europe is a new difficulty for the cargo industry. The big alternative is the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route. Analysts wonder if it can take the strain.

PANNIER: Russia’s two centuries of Central Asia dominance are over

Bruce Pannier October 11, 2022

The disastrous Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a geopolitical tectonic shift. The five ‘stans’ are looking at other foreign partner options.

VISEGRAD BLOG: European family gathering mostly avoids fights

Robert Anderson in Prague October 9, 2022

European Political Community isolates Russia, welcomes back UK and reassures EU candidate countries.

Ukraine war leads to traffic jams in Georgia

Nini Gabritchidze for Eurasianet October 7, 2022

International transport routes through Ukraine and Russia have been disrupted, and Georgia has become a popular alternative.

Turkish, Armenian leaders go ahead with first-ever face-to-face meeting

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan October 7, 2022

Little evidence of progress in normalising Yerevan-Ankara relations or resolving conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan following Prague encounter.

Displaced from Karabakh watch reconstruction process with hope, concern

Heydar Isayev of Eurasianet October 6, 2022

Azerbaijani IDPs are eager to return home. But they are uncertain about how their new lives are going to look.

Armenia’s Pashinyan, Turkey’s Erdogan set for unprecedented face-to-face Prague meeting

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan October 6, 2022

Encounter is “huge” says analyst. However, hopes for a breakthrough in resolving Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict are low.

Armenia reacts with outrage to another video of apparent Azerbaijani war crimes

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan October 3, 2022

In the video Azerbaijani soldiers are apparently executing six Armenian POWs during its invasion on September 13-14.