Erdogan officials bring in more irregular measures to defend Turkish markets after US presses Iran sanctions-busting Halkbank charges

Will Conroy in Prague October 16, 2019

From out of nowhere oil revenues laundering case is back to haunt Turkey’s strongman. Officials act to stop shorting of lira and banking shares.

CONFERENCE CALL: Decline of the West and rise of the rest

Ben Aris in Rhodes October 14, 2019

It was 30 years ago that the Berlin Wall came down, ushering in hopes of a united, peaceful and prosperous world. Today the world is unpredictable and moving towards a new division between East and West. How did we get here?

Crunch year for Iran as World Bank forecasts 8.7% GDP contraction in 2019/2020

bne IntelliNews October 10, 2019

Economic update highlights how hard it will be for government to address climbing poverty rates resulting from punishing US sanctions imposed on Islamic Republic.

Trump ‘stabs Kurds in back’

bne IntelliNews October 7, 2019

Erdogan gets Syria incursion okay. Facing outcry, US leader then says: “If Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate Economy of Turkey".

The Eurasian Union meets Velvet Revolution in Armenia

Eurasianet October 4, 2019

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian managed a delicate balancing act while hosting his authoritarian allies in Yerevan.

Iran ‘foiled plot to assassinate army chief behind out-of-country operations’

bne IntelliNews October 3, 2019

Official claims Israeli and Arab agents had plan to detonate explosives by grave of Major-General Qassem Soleimani’s father. Iranian armed forces, meanwhile, unveil new drones and micro-mine and micro-robot units.

IRAN STAND-OFF: Day brings tentative step towards peaceful Gulf outcome

bne IntelliNews October 2, 2019

Tehran backs French plan for talks with US as broadly acceptable. Saudi energy minister described as “friend” by Iranian counterpart. Putin refuses to blame Islamic Republic for oil attacks. Riyadh says it wants regional “security and stability”.

GULF ON EDGE: Saudi Arabia hit by ratings downgrade as reverberations from oil attacks spread

bne IntelliNews September 30, 2019

In possible sign kingdom is backing off from potential conflict, Iran says third countries have delivered messages from Riyadh.

IRAN STAND-OFF: Sour conclusion to UN Assembly week as Trump denies ever offering to drop sanctions for talks

Will Conroy in Prague September 27, 2019

Relations deteriorate further as Iran's president says United Nations HQ in New York should be moved to a “better country”. Meanwhile, Turkey’s Erdogan returns home saying Ankara will defy Washington by buying oil and gas from Islamic Republic.