Iranian president says White House “afflicted by mental retardation”

bne IntelliNews June 25, 2019

Hits out at Trump administration’s “outrageous and idiotic” decision to impose sanctions on supreme leader and foreign minister.

Trump tells world to ‘wait and see’ how US will respond to Iran shooting down drone

bne IntelliNews June 20, 2019

Anxieties over conflict in Middle East grow as day also sees Iranian-backed Houthis hitting Saudi desalination plant with apparently sophisticated missile.

Iran cranks up nuclear deal pressure with “20%” uranium threat

bne IntelliNews June 17, 2019

Tehran demands economic help from Europe to persuade it away from path that would wreck accord. US accuses Iranians of atomic “extortion”.

TEHRAN BLOG: Iran did it because Mad Uncle Donald says so

bne IntelliNews June 14, 2019

Trump, seen by the Iranians as not even fit to run a chip shop, points his gnarled finger at the Islamic Republic following the tanker attacks.

TANKER ATTACKS: Tehran claims somebody’s out to frame Iran

bne IntelliNews June 13, 2019

Search on for state actor possibly behind latest mysterious Gulf of Oman incidents. Iranian supreme leader, meanwhile, tells visiting Japanese PM he’s no message for ‘unworthy’ Trump. Day ends with US State Sec. Pompeo blaming Iran for attacks.

Japan’s Shinzo Abe arrives in Iran. Analysts ask what message he might bear from Trump

bne IntelliNews June 12, 2019

Iranians must “play a constructive role in strengthening peace and stability in the Middle East” Japanese PM tells Tehran press call.

India ‘likely to resume taking Iranian oil exports’

bne IntelliNews May 28, 2019

New Delhi-based publication cites government official as saying re-elected Modi administration “is not keen” on the attempted US blockade of Iran’s crude.

Trump: ‘Toppling Iranian leadership not my aim and I think Tehran wants a deal’

bne IntelliNews May 27, 2019

Analyst responds that US president changes his mind within 24 hours and “wouldn’t be surprised to see him going to war with Iran tomorrow”.