Bosnia & Herzegovina

All to play for in Russian-Chinese backyard

bne IntelIiNews March 21, 2023

Russia and China will struggle for common policy on possible Russian soft underbelly Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, the vital Europe/Asia Caucasus crossroads, the Baltics, CEE and SEE.

Bosnian Pride organisers to sue Republika Srpska president

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia March 20, 2023

Milorad Dodik told police to ban Pride march and says he "does not accept" LGBT organisations after activists attacked in Banja Luka.

Has Southeast Europe come of age as an investment destination?

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow March 15, 2023

The Western Balkan countries are following the path established by Central Europe that emerged as a prominent manufacturing and services hub early in the transition period.

Bosnian Serb leader to copy law on foreign agents that sparked mass protests in Georgia

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia March 12, 2023

EU and US criticise Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik over plan to adopt a law on “foreign agents”.

Bosnian Serb leader threatens secession if Republika Srpska’s state property law is scrapped

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia March 9, 2023

Milorad Dodik says Republika Srpska will enforce the new law despite ban by Bosnia's state-level constitutional court.

Bosnia posts annual CPI inflation of 14.1% y/y in January

bne IntelliNews March 6, 2023

Inflation slowed in Bosnia for the fourth month in a row.

More gloom ahead as EBRD cuts 2023 growth forecasts

bne IntelliNews February 16, 2023

The EBRD lowered its forecasts for more than half its 36 countries of operation, anticipating average growth of just 2.1% this year.

IMF: Charting globalization’s turn to 'slowbalization' after world financial crisis

Jeff Kearns of the IMF February 9, 2023

The free flow of ideas, people, goods, services, and capital across national borders leads to greater economic integration. But globalization, the trend toward these things moving ever more freely between nations, has slowed in recent years.

CEE management schools shrug off threat of distance-learning programmes

Kester Eddy in Budapest February 9, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed CEE students towards Western online MBA courses, but they are now returning to face-to-face studies, say the region's business school heads.

COMMENT: The new Cold War will be different, and not only because of China

Peter Szopo February 6, 2023

Mercantilism is also replacing globalisation, and the US has a declining interest in European affairs.

INTERVIEW: Helen Rodwell, head of CMS’ corporate practice in CEE

Robert Anderson in Prague February 4, 2023

Dealmaking in Central Europe is set to rebound, says law firm's long-standing Prague managing partner, as new kinds of investor move into the region.

RBI's 2022 profits soar to €3.6bn, with Russian operations representing more than half

bne IntelliNews February 1, 2023

The Austrian lender, which has become more and more reliant on its Russian business over the years, is still rethinking its presence in the country.

Geopolitics overshadows Western Balkan nearshoring ambitions

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 1, 2023

Friendshoring has replaced nearshoring after the invasion of Ukraine, benefiting Western-aligned states but causing a shift away from Serbia.

Only Hungary and Russia heading for recession in 2023 as Emerging Europe shows its resilience

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 1, 2023

wiiw believes that most countries of the region have “probably already digested” most of the economic shock caused by the Ukraine war, provided Russia does not escalate the conflict further.

M&A in Emerging Europe fell by 20% to €32.93bn in 2022

bne IntelliNews January 30, 2023

The weak macroeconomic backdrop and the spectre of possible recession are likely to stifle M&A in the coming months, according to the annual CMS/Emis Emerging Europe M&A Report.

Italy pushes for investments into Western Balkan strategic sectors

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 30, 2023

Benefiting from its geographic proximity and historic ties, Italy is already one of the top investors and trading partners of the Western Balkan countries.

EU urges Bosnia to introduce visa regime for Russians

bne IntelliNews January 29, 2023

EU officials want Bosnia to scrap its visa-free regime for Russian citizens, but faces opposition from pro-Russian politicians in Republika Srpska.

Bosnia appoints new pro-EU government

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia January 25, 2023

Borjana Kristo's new government will seek to return Bosnia to the path towards EU membership after the country received candidate status in December.

bneGREEN: Floods turn Drina river in Bosnia into floating landfill

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia January 23, 2023

More than 10,000 cubic metres of waste including packaging, trees and discarded refrigerators cover sections of the Drina.

MEPs back call for probe into Enlargement Commissioner Varhelyi

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

Socialists & Democrats accused Varhelyi of supporting secessionists in Bosnia and playing down democratic backsliding in Serbia.