Demographic “tipping point” imminent for CEE labour markets

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow June 17, 2019

The ‘tipping point’ at which labour demand will become equal to labour supply is just two years away in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland, says a new study from wiiw.

Eager shoppers queue up outside Primark’s first CEE store in Ljubljana

bne IntelliNews June 13, 2019

Thousands-strong crowds greet the entry of fast fashion giant Primark to Slovenia, as it lines up retail space for future openings in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Bulgaria, Czechia and Slovenia picked to host European supercomputing centres

bne IntelliNews June 9, 2019

Aim is to make Europe a top supercomputing power globally through €840mn project.

Slovenia’s April trade deficit soars to 10-year high for April

bne IntelliNews June 9, 2019

Both imports and exports soared in April but the rise in imports was particularly sharp. This is set to continue as domestic demand is projected be the main driver of growth this year while the external environment weakens.

Southeast Europe’s banking sector gets new investor geography

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 30, 2019

Hungary’s OTP in, Greek banks out, and a new crop of privatisations coming up in Serbia and Slovenia.