COP28: All the climate crisis warning lights flashing red – in charts and maps

Ben Aris in Berlin November 29, 2023

The great and good have assembled in UAE’s capital of Dubai for the COP28 conference to hash out a plan to avert the looming environmental disaster, but its probably too late.

Armenia marks new era with French military purchases

Neil Hauer in Yerevan November 28, 2023

After its army was battered in the 2020 Second Karabakh War, and with its traditional supplier, Russia, both unable and unwilling to send arms shipments, Yerevan has been desperately seeking other procurement partners.

INTERVIEW: Eurasian Development Bank brings Central Asia together with sustainable green investments

Ben Aris in Berlin November 23, 2023

Central Asia is once again the “navel of the world” as overland trade between Asia and Europe takes off.

Armenia’s tech sector receives strong boost from Russian migrants

Adrien Henni of International Digital News November 22, 2023

Armenia's flourishing technology sector has been given a boost by the influx of Russian IT specialists fleeing Putin's authoritarian rule.

INTERVIEW: Green transition must be a just transition, says EBRD chief economist

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow November 21, 2023

EBRD research shows majority in transition countries believe climate change will severely affect the children of today, but fewer people are willing to pay to address the climate emergency.

COMMENT: US, Europe, and Russia jostle for influence in the South Caucasus

Zachary Weiss in Tbilisi November 6, 2023

More than a month after Azerbaijan attacked ethnic Armenians living in its Nagorno-Karabakh region, displacing 120,000 people, foreign political influence in the Caucasus is still shifting.

COMMENT: Aliyev could still lose in the Great Game he started

Robert Ananyan in Yerevan November 1, 2023

The Azerbaijani dictator is refusing to engage with the European format of negotiations with Armenia but the West could still force him to take part.

Armenia unveils Crossroads of Peace initiative as Silk Road forum kicks off in Georgia

Tornike Mandaria in Tbilisi October 27, 2023

Plan proposes that Azerbaijan and Turkey reopen their land borders and connect through several routes passing through Armenia.

COMMENT: When there is no conflict in the South Caucasus, there will be no need for Russia there

Robert Ananyan in Yerevan October 26, 2023

It is realistic to expect Armenia's strategic turn to the West and Russia's final withdrawal from the South Caucasus after the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani and Armenian-Turkish relations.

Iran calls on Russia to stop UN resolution against Palestine

bne IntelIiNews October 24, 2023

Iran used October 23’s so-called “3+3” meeting intended to discuss the Armenian-Azerbaijan situation to urge Russia to thwart a United Nations Security Council resolution on Palestine.

Moscow calls Armenia a “Ukraine 3” after Pashinyan’s speech at European Parliament

Ani Avetisyan October 19, 2023

Armenian premier accuses Russia of failing to honour agreements to defend Armenia and of calling for his overthrow.

State Department denies Blinken warned about risk of Azerbaijan attacking Armenia

Ani Avetisyan October 16, 2023

Fears of a new escalation have grown in Armenia since Azerbaijan’s attack on Nagorno-Karabakh in late September, with many fearing that Baku might want to take the “Zangezur corridor” in the south.

Absent Armenia remains elephant in room as Putin prepares for CIS summit in Kyrgyzstan

bne IntelIiNews October 13, 2023

Trip abroad is Russian leader’s first since International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

COMMENT: The new Iran – Azerbaijan transit route reflects shifting geopolitical realities

Fuad Shahbazov October 12, 2023

The revised Zangezur Corridor project through Iran will enable Azerbaijan to restore diplomatic relations and facilitate trade with its big neighbour, while Armenia will remain in play as a future partner for regional transport connections.

ING: Armenian economy faces upside risk from Karabakh refugee influx but Ukraine war spillovers mostly positive

Dmitry Dolgin, James Wilson October 11, 2023

GDP growth continues above trend. Exchange rate overvalued relative to peers.

Armenia refuses to take part in CIS summit and CSTO military drills in Kyrgyzstan

Ani Avetisyan October 11, 2023

No shows are more signs of the worsening relations with Russia, Armenia's onetime ally and protector.

Azerbaijan's president emphasises Georgia's role in Armenian-Azerbaijani peace talks

bne IntelliNews October 9, 2023

President Ilham Aliyev emphasised that Georgia's involvement in the peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the most appropriate choice.

COMMENT: Nagorno-Karabakh – the world should have seen this crisis coming, and it’s not over yet

Svante Lundgren of Lund University October 5, 2023

After the suppression of the Karabakh Armenians, President Ilham Aliyev reiterated that he sees what he calls “western Azerbaijan” as historical Azerbaijani territory that his country therefore has the right to reclaim.

Azerbaijan pulls out of peace talks with Armenia in Granada

bne IntelliNews October 5, 2023

President Aliyev decided not to attend after Turkish President Erdogan, a close Azeri ally, decided not to participate.