REPORTAGE: Kazakhstan protests lose steam as regime mounts ‘semi-curfew’ while Tokayev is sworn in

bne IntelliNews June 13, 2019

New president inaugurated despite claims his opponent won vote in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and numerous regions. Kazakhs see him as Nazarbayev “puppet”. Only real concessions for country’s people will change that.

KAZAKHSTAN PROTESTS: 'Spetsnaz special forces' units round up election observers at arena

bne IntelliNews June 11, 2019

‘Fake presidential poll’ demonstrations continue over June 10-11 as shoo-in Tokayev officially wins office as Nazarbayev’s successor.

OSCE puts out hardhitting critique of Kazakh election ahead of inauguration day

bne IntelliNews June 11, 2019

As observers assess whether the June 12 ceremony for ‘pre-determined’ winner will spark renewed protests, Kazakhstan is accused of “scant respect for democratic standards”.

Kazakh protests move online with dozens of videos exposing ‘vote rigging’

bne IntelliNews June 10, 2019

Hidden camera footage said to show officials stuffing ballot box. One polling station accused of turning off lights to thwart election observers. Activists behind Wake Up, Qazaqstan campaign hindered by blocked internet, social media services.

Tokayev declared Kazakh election winner as thoughts turn to whether new protest movement can snowball

bne IntelliNews June 10, 2019

Nazarbayev’s handpicked successor takes 71% of vote marred by hundreds of arrests. Demonstrators who claim it was a fake contest push Wake Up, Qazaqstan campaign.

Economic as well as political dismay fuelled Kazakhstan’s ‘rigged’ election protests

Nizom Khodjayev in Nur-Sultan June 9, 2019

Kazakhs have long felt they’ve not been getting a fair deal from their oil-rich state. Officials raided the ‘rainy day’ fund ahead of the vote, but it was far from enough to quell the anger.

Radiant fatherland? Pull the other one

Nizom Khodjayev in Nur-Sultan June 7, 2019

Kazakhstan’s choreographed presidential election will on June 9 distract from brewing discontent. Detention of activist for holding a blank banner nicely summed up the dispiriting reality.

COMMENT: Presidential elections in Kazakhstan usher in a new era in the country's development

Kazakh ambassador to UK Erlan Idrissov in London June 4, 2019

Kazakhs are about to the go to the polls to elect a new president after Nursultan Nazarbayev stepped aside earlier this year. The Kazakh ambassador to the UK, Erlan Idrissov, believes the election ushers in a new era in Kazakhstan’s development.

Turkey has closed its ports to Iranian oil: reports

bne IntelliNews May 21, 2019

If the move is confirmed it would fly in the face of aggressive rhetoric from Ankara in which it has said the US cannot deny it the right to import energy shipments from its neighbour.