Turkmenistan: A shining city in a book of records

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin December 7, 2022

Russia is proposing a major reconfiguration of the Central Asian gas market. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

Turkmen women issued ‘Botox bans’ on flying by airport officers running facial recognition software

bne IntelIiNews November 23, 2022

Move follows criticism authorities have adopted ‘Taliban-style’ restrictions on tight-fitting clothes, dyed hair and beauty accessories such as false nails or eyelashes.

Ukraine faces one of worst declines in GDP from a war, says EBRD

Robert Anderson in London November 22, 2022

The contraction in Ukraine’s GDP will be among the worst 10-20% of those in conflicts in the last 200 years, the development bank predicts in its 2022/23 Transition Report.

EBRD warns of risk of 'zombification'

Robert Anderson in London November 22, 2022

Development bank recommends countries should now gradually dial down help to vulnerable companies, so they can either learn to adapt to the new climate of higher interest rates or exit the market by going into insolvency.

Asia-to-Europe Digital Silk Way investors to lay ‘internet corridor’ across bottom of Caspian Sea

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty November 17, 2022

Fibre-optic lines crucial part of project set to benefit up to 1.8bn people from Frankfurt to Mumbai.

Turkmenistan: Send in the clowns

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin November 17, 2022

The president’s father (the former president) is stealing the show. Plus, the latest on efforts to get Turkmen gas to Europe. Eurasianet’s weekly briefing.

Turkmenistan: Form an orderly pipeline

Akhal-Teke: Eurasianet November 2, 2022

Turkmenistan is finding new customers for its gas, while continuing to perform bizarre stunts for Guinness World Records. This and more in Eurasianet’s weekly briefing.

bneGREEN: Orbiting Nasa instrument detects methane ‘super-emitters’ in Turkmenistan and Iran

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty October 26, 2022

Turkmen oil and gas infrastructure and landfill south of Tehran added to emissions blacklist.

Turkmenistan: Bombing at windmills

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin October 26, 2022

Turkmenistan is trying to assume the role of energy supplier to Central Asia. Plus, showing off weapons while cash is tight. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

Putin’s dwindling circle of friends in Emerging Europe

bne IntelliNews October 11, 2022

The number of European countries friendly towards Moscow has dwindled to just a handful since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in February.

PANNIER: Russia’s two centuries of Central Asia dominance are over

Bruce Pannier October 11, 2022

The disastrous Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a geopolitical tectonic shift. The five ‘stans’ are looking at other foreign partner options.

Ukraine war leads to traffic jams in Georgia

Nini Gabritchidze for Eurasianet October 7, 2022

International transport routes through Ukraine and Russia have been disrupted, and Georgia has become a popular alternative.

More pain stored up for Emerging Europe in 2023

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2022

Government efforts to shield populations from the energy crisis and rampant inflation have shifted the economic impact to next year, says the EBRD as it downgrades GDP growth forecasts for 2023.

PANNIER: In Turkmenistan, new president maintains course into the abyss

Bruce Pannier September 28, 2022

Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the head of state who rarely smiles, has also given his country little reason to do so.

Taliban sign deal to buy Russian oil, gas and wheat

Ben Aris in Berlin September 28, 2022

Agreement marks regime’s first international economic deal. Moscow eyes economic corridor through Central Asia and Afghanistan to South Asia.

Turkmenistan: Piping up

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin September 28, 2022

Turkmenistan has traditionally fostered its closest security relationship with Russia. But it has found room to develop military ties with the US and China. Eurasianet’s weekly briefing.

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan warn citizens not to sign up to fight for Russia in Ukraine

bne IntelIiNews September 22, 2022

Warnings issued after opening of Moscow military recruitment centre for foreign citizens amid Putin’s announcement of partial mobilisation.

PANNIER: At Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, watch the action on the sidelines

Bruce Pannier in Prague September 13, 2022

Most important discussions and agreements at Samarkand gathering likely to concern regional connectivity, and the odd men out are Russia and Belarus.

Turkmenistan: Thank you for your service deferral

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin September 8, 2022

Closing an exit route. Plus: solicitous Russians and electricity exports. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.