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Romania’s central bank hikes monetary policy rate as expected

Question: Hello - did you see Isarescu commenting on a potential ideal gap between the policy rate and inflation during the Q&A pls?

Answers: Hello, indeed Isarescu touched this topic. But it was about the gap between inflation and money market interest rates [not policy interest rate]. What he clearly said, was that no one should expect the interest rates to rise in line with inflation soon [this would be bankers' wishful thinking, he implied between the lines]. He also mentioned that the [nearly] 2pp between the interest rates and inflation in Europe [euro area] is same in Romania [more or less, with the gap wider in Romania judging by numbers] at this moment. He did not say whether the gap will remain the same, but he implied that the developments in Romania should [and he stressed, in his opinion] converge to the developments in Europe. Both the interest rates and inflation in Romania should converge to same levels as in Europe , he also added. Isarescu also mentioned debates among monetary board's members about the process of normalisation of the monetary policy in Europe -- by normalisation meaning the return to real positive interest rates, sterilisation and monetary transmission mechanism as we know it. It is a process that impacts Romania significantly, he stated, and its dynamics is still unclear. [such normalisation would compress the 2pp gap and in fact, eventually, turn it negative -- our comments here ] In conclusion, the 2pp gap should be regarded as a dynamic target -- likely to follow the developments in the euro area. Because otherwise, combined with the 3.5% y/y yearend conflagration target it would result in 1.5% interest rates at the end of the year [which is unrealistic]. The bottom line: Isarescu's comments were not about the policy rate, but about the interest rates. whole speech here with the para mentioned starting min45  

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Head of Latvia’s financial watchdog resigns amidst row over money laundering fight

July 8, 2019

The head of the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK), the country’s financial system watchdog, resigned on July 5 amidst differences over Riga’s plans to clean up its financial ...

Slovenia opposes Italy’s idea to build fence on joint border to prevent migrant influx

July 7, 2019

Slovenian officials are opposing the idea of building a protective fence on the Slovenian-Italian border, suggested by Italy’s interior minister, saying it is unacceptable, media reported. ...

Tariff war averted as Estonia and Latvia learn to live with each other’s cheaper booze

July 5, 2019

The first week of Estonia’s new rates of excise duty on alcohol, slashed 25% with effect from July 1, is now passing without hints of an escalating tax war between neighbours, both vying to make ...

Turkey sells $2.25bn 5-year eurobonds at 6.45%

July 4, 2019

Turkey’s Ministry of Treasury and Finance has sold $2.25bn worth of US dollar-denominated eurobonds due 2024 at a coupon rate of 6.35% and a yield to investor of 6.45%, ...

Glencore seeks €50/MWh fixed electricity price to take over troubled Bosnian aluminium smelter

July 4, 2019

London-listed miner and commodity trader Glencore would be willing to take over Bosnia & Herzegovina’s troubled aluminium smelter Aluminij if the authorities agree to guarantee a fixed ...

Rouhani warns US to rejoin JCPOA or face increased uranium enrichment

July 3, 2019

Signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) “must comply with the terms of the agreement to the same extent as Tehran does”, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on July 3, ...

Buying frenzy for new Hungarian government bond continues

July 2, 2019

Retail investors have bought more than HUF1 trillion (€3.1bn) of the new retail bonds – the Hungarian Government Security Plus bonds – in the four weeks since their launch, Finance Minister ...

Ethnic Serbs close shops in Kosovo’s north in protest over 100% import tariffs

July 1, 2019

Shops in the northern part of Kosovo, populated mainly by ethnic Serbs, have been closed since the morning of July 1 in a protest against the 100% tariffs imposed by Pristina on Serbian products, ...

Albania holds peaceful local election boycotted by opposition

June 30, 2019

Albania held its municipal elections on June 30 despite President Ilir Meta’s decision to cancel the vote and a boycott by the main opposition parties. Fears of violent incidents on polling day ...

Fitch places Bulgaria’s Eurohold on rating watch negative over CEZ asset deal

June 29, 2019

Fitch Ratings said it has placed the ratings of Bulgarian financial and insurance group Eurohold and its insurance units, Euroins Bulgaria, Euroins Romania Asigurare Reasigurare and Insurance ...

Hundreds protest in Shymkent city following munitions depot explosions in Kazakhstan’s Turkestan Region

June 28, 2019

Hundreds of people, mostly residents of the town of Arys, rallied in the southern Kazakh city of Shymkent and blocked a major road, demanding relocation after series of ...

Valamar Riviera to create Croatia’s largest resort

June 28, 2019

Croatia’s Valamar Riviera will start work on the country’s largest resort, an investment of €105mn, this autumn, the company announced on June 27 following a supervisory board meeting.  ... ...

Trump’s idea of “short war” with Iran an illusion says Iranian foreign minister

June 27, 2019

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on June 27 said US President Donald Trump’s idea of any war with Iran being “short” is an illusion and that his threat of “obliteration in some ...

Russia indicts Moldovan oligarch Plahotniuc for "leading drug cartel"

June 27, 2019

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has indicted Moldovan businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc, ex-leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), for leading “a drug syndicate”, Accent TV ...

Turkey’s main opposition and allies ‘control municipalities accounting for 70% of economy after Imamoglu revote win’

June 26, 2019

Main Turkish opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), and its allies now control municipalities that account for roughly 70% of Turkey’s economy, according to Sinan Ulgen of the ...

US diplomats warned of repercussions for Albanian opposition if protest violence continues

June 25, 2019

US officials warned the leaders of Albanian opposition parties that any future violence during the anti-government protests that have taken place since February will result in the parties being ...

Moldovan oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc resigns as head of Democratic Party

June 25, 2019

Vlad Plahotniuc, who fled from Moldova this month, has announced his resignation as chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), but confirmed he will remain a member of the Moldovan ...

Americans “despise diplomacy” says Iran’s Zarif after US sanctions ayatollah

June 24, 2019

The Americans “despise diplomacy” and the Trump administration has “a thirst for war”. That was the response of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif after US President Donald Trump announced ...

Bulgaria’s anti-corruption body finds no wrongdoing in "Apartmentgate" probe

June 24, 2019

Bulgaria’s anti-corruption commission found no irregularities in the acquisition of luxury property at much lower than market ...

North Macedonia’s PM takes over finance ministry in government reshuffle

June 23, 2019

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced on June 23 that he will take over the position of finance minister as part of the government reshuffle, a proposal that surprised many in the ...