Moldova cuts policy rate by another 3pp as it expects rapid price stabilisation

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest March 21, 2023

Consumer price inflation dropped from nearly 35% y/y in October to under 25% y/y in February and the BNM expects it to drop down to 6.6% by the end of the year.

Moldova’s GDP shrinks by 5.9% y/y in 2022

bne IntelliNews March 16, 2023

In each of the last two quarters of the year, the annual decline was steeper than 10%.

Moldovan police say they thwarted Russian destabilisation plot

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest March 13, 2023

Foreign agents are increasingly involved in the street protests in Chisinau organised by the Shor Party.

Inflation eases in Moldova for fourth month in a row

bne IntelliNews March 13, 2023

Further rate cuts are expected particularly as the economy could use any impetus to recover from the deep dive seen in Q4.

Moldovans turn to tourism and online sex work to make ends meet

James C Pearce in Moscow March 10, 2023

Moldova is often painted as small, struggling and stuck between the East and West. Its tourism industry was no different, at least until 2020. It has since borne the brunt of three global crises and has the battle scars to show for it.

Transnistria accuses Ukraine of failed terrorist attack in central Tiraspol

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest March 9, 2023

Authorities in pro-Russian separatist republic claim Ukraine’s secret services planned to assassinate its president with car bomb.

CENUSA: Russia and the geopolitical costs of war – the "frozen conflicts" in Moldova and Azerbaijan

Denis Cenusa in Germany March 7, 2023

"In a context of deep regional instability, the situation of the "frozen conflicts" is vulnerable to Russia's military presence and the unpredictability of its geostrategic actions..." w

Ukrainian refugees and Russian migrants bring economic benefits but also stresses to Emerging Europe

bne IntelliNews March 3, 2023

Looking forward to the end of the war, whenever it happens, policymakers are already speculating on how many of the refugees and migrants are likely to stay and how many will return.

Pro-Russian activists step up efforts to destabilise Moldova

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest February 28, 2023

Protests in Chisinau, invasion claims and a propaganda offensive follow warnings that Russia plans to overthrow Moldova's pro-Western government.

Russia claims Ukraine plans to invade Transnistria

bne IntelliNews February 24, 2023

Officials in Chisinau say Russian claim is part of ongoing hybrid war, following warnings Moscow plans to destabilise Moldova.

Moldova’s public debt leaps up by €180mn in January

bne IntelliNews February 23, 2023

Further increase after Moldova's public debt surged by €800mn in 2022, the second-steepest advance ever.

Russia scraps commitment to peaceful solution to Transnistria conflict

bne IntelliNews February 22, 2023

Putin cancels 2012 decree that supported Moldova’s sovereignty after warnings Moscow is plotting to destabilise Moldova.

Moldova asks for EU sanctions against its oligarchs

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest February 21, 2023

Call follows allegations that Russia is plotting to topple the pro-EU government in Chisinau.

Moldova’s new PM starts term by questioning country’s neutral status

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest February 17, 2023

Dorin Recean has mandate to protect the country from challenges posed by Russia — but earlier talk of scrapping neutrality sparked an angry response from Moscow.

More gloom ahead as EBRD cuts 2023 growth forecasts

bne IntelliNews February 16, 2023

The EBRD lowered its forecasts for more than half its 36 countries of operation, anticipating average growth of just 2.1% this year.

Flights suspended after mystery objects spotted in sky above Romania and Moldova

bne IntelliNews February 15, 2023

Moldova temporarily closed its airspace and Bucharest mobilised military jets in response to reports of mysterious objects floating in the sky.

Fans banned from Sheriff-Partizan match in Chisinau over coup plot fears

bne IntelliNews February 14, 2023

UEFA Europa Conference League match to take place days after Moldovan President Maia Sandu revealed Russian plans to destabilise the country.

President Sandu reveals Russian plot to destabilise Moldova

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest February 14, 2023

Maia Sandu seeks to bolster security, warning violent provocations are expected at opposition protests with the aim of bringing down the government.

Annual inflation down nearly 3pp in Moldova to 27.3%

bne IntelliNews February 13, 2023

Central bank expects further disinflation this year with the inflation rate set to return to the target band in Q2 2024.

Moldova’s president appoints new prime minister to tackle security challenges

bne IntelliNews February 12, 2023

Change of PM follows Ukrainian warning of an alleged plot to destabilise Moldova.