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Leading Russian opposition publisher Meduza named “undesirable organisation” by General Prosecutor

bne IntelliNews January 27, 2023

The Russian government has stepped up its repressions against journalists by declaring Meduza, the country's largest independent media outlet, an "undesirable organisation" on January 26.

Ukrainian MP urges Kyiv to recognise Kosovo

bne IntelliNews January 26, 2023

Serbia's refusal to sanction Russia caused a shift of opinion in Ukraine, which currently does not recognise Kosovo's independence.

Western allies promise at least 156 game-changing tanks for Ukraine

bne IntelliNews January 26, 2023

Since Berlin announced it would send tanks to Ukraine this week, pledges from a dozen countries have come pouring in to send tanks from their own arsenals. Altogether the Western allies have promised to send at least 156 game-changing tanks.

Anglo-Russian Polymetal looks at switching listing from London to Kazakhstan

bne IntelIiNews January 26, 2023

Move might enable gold and silver miner to carve out its Russian business.

Washington and Berlin end tank taboo with promise of Abrams and Leopards

Dominic Culverwell in London January 26, 2023

The great tank taboo has finally been broken with the United States announcing it will send 31 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine just hours after Germany agreed to sending 14 Leopard 2 tanks, Washington and Berlin announced on January 25.

Berlin gives go-ahead to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin, by Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 24, 2023

After coming under extreme pressure from its European allies, Berlin announced it would send a company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine, in what is a significant escalation of Western help.

EU authorises another monitoring mission to Armenia-Azerbaijan border

bne IntelliNews January 24, 2023

Civilian mission marks a new phase in the EU's engagement in the South Caucasus.

Kyiv's corruption crackdown as two MPs fired over allegations

Dominic Culverwell in London January 23, 2023

Corruption allegations continue to plague Ukraine even in times of war. However, Kyiv is making an overt effort to clamp down on misconduct following pressure from Western allies.

Ukraine loses control of Soledar as Russia sees first victory since summer

Dominic Culverwell in London January 23, 2023

Ukraine has lost control of Soledar, although fighting is still ongoing in the war-torn Donetsk town, the Kyiv Independent reported on January 22.

Germany announces new €1bn spring military aid package for Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin January 23, 2023

There is no decision yet on Leopard tanks for Ukraine. German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said on January 20 that an agreement on providing Ukraine with Leopard tanks had not been reached yet.

Germany not to block Poland from sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine, says foreign minister

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 23, 2023

Countries that have the Leopards in their stock need Germany’s approval to send them to fight abroad, a commitment that Berlin has also been unwilling to make up to now.

FPRI BMB Russia: Wagner PMC Ltd.

Alex Nice for FPRI BMB Russia in London January 22, 2023

The notorious Wager mercenary group registered as a joint-stock company on December 27. The group, which has not been an official legal entity until now, registered under the name “PMC Wagner Centre”.

No tanks for Ukraine at Ramstein meeting

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

Despite the intense pressure being brought on Berlin to allow Europe’s Nato members to send their advanced Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a summit at the Nato Ramstein airbase failed to approve the measure.

Zelenskiy says he is not sure Putin is alive, in Davos speech

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

At the remote Ukrainian Breakfast hosted as part of the Davos 2023 forum, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy expressed doubt about the possibility of peace talks with Russia – and whether Vladimir Putin is still “alive.”

"Putin never going to use nuclear weapons," Boris Johnson dismisses escalation fears and tells Ukraine's allies to send tanks

Dominic Culverwell in London January 20, 2023

Ukraine’s allies gave a very clear and decisive message at the Ukrainian Breakfast panel discussion in Davos on January 19: Ukraine will beat Russia eventually, so let’s make it happen sooner rather than later.

Serbian NGO urges authorities to sanction paramilitary Wagner group's local activities

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje January 19, 2023

Growing concern over Russian paramilitary organisations activities in Serbia after it called for Serb volunteers to join its ranks and fight in Ukraine.

IEA expects an inflection in oil markets in 2023 when demand will exceed supply

Ben Aris in Berlin January 19, 2023

The International Energy Agency reports that oil demand this year will grow by 1.9mn bpd, to a record 101.7mn bpd, and supply by 1mn bpd, to 101.1mn bpd, in its first monthly report for 2023 released on January 18.

"Tyranny is outpacing democracy" – Zelenskiy warns allies to speed up military support at Davos Forum

Dominic Culverwell in London January 19, 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy again urged allies to send Ukraine tanks at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 18.

Ukrainian Interior Minister among nine people killed in tragic helicopter crash outside Kyiv

Dominic Culverwell in London January 19, 2023

A helicopter crashed into a kindergarten just outside of Kyiv killing at least 14 people including Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, the Kyiv Independent reported on January 18.

Trial begins in Belarus against exiled opposition figures

bne IntelliNews January 19, 2023

On Tuesday, January 17, a Minsk court began a trial in absentia of leading Belarusian opposition figures. Political repression continues to increase in the country.