Southeast Europe / Opinion

ALACO DISPATCHES: I say Moldovan, you say Romanian…

Nicolae Reutoi of Alaco February 22, 2020

How a dispute over language reflects cultural and political divisions in a country squeezed between Russia and Western Europe.

TRACE: A closer look at corruption risk in the western Balkans

Robert Clark of Trace February 10, 2020

Corruption is a serious problem throughout emerging Europe, but there are questions about whether the focus on perceptions of corruption is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of a country’s anti-corruption efforts.

EAST CAPITAL: Romania — can 2019’s best frontier market continue to perform in 2020?

Tim Umberger East Capital's deputy head of Eastern Europe January 26, 2020

It is now over a year since the Romanian government, in December 2018, unexpectedly introduced draconian taxes across different sectors, which sent equities into a spin. Yet it finished the year with a 39% return on equities.

TURKEY INSIGHT: The puzzle of Borsa Istanbul’s foreign-held shares boom

Akin Nazli in Belgrade January 23, 2020

Stock exchange may be rallying but the data on why is just not available to investors playing these murky markets.

TURKEY INSIGHT: How long can the Turkey ETF rally last?

Akin Nazli in Belgrade January 21, 2020

No-one wants to rain on the parade, but it would be folly to ignore the “debt volcano” and a competition probe into Turkish banks launched by officials of an administration that “needs some cash”.