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Reflections from our correspondents on the ground in the four Central European countries of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Europe's populist surge can still be contained

November 27, 2023

Hungarian premier Viktor Orban rejoices in 'winds of change' after victory of Geert Wilders’ radical right-wing Freedom Party in the Dutch general election.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Cold shower for Orban

October 23, 2023

The Polish election result leaves the Hungarian strongman looking even more isolated in the European Union as the only truly committed opponent of Brussels, as well as the only ally of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in the bloc.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Poland's future depends on President Duda

October 19, 2023

There is likely to be a big fight over the future government’s plan to dislodge the PiS’s grip on state institutions, state companies, the public media and the judiciary.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Tusk gives a masterclass in how to defeat populism

October 16, 2023

Former premier could now enable Poland to achieve its European promise.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Polish election is a crossroads for Europe

October 14, 2023

This election could affect the mood in Europe, amid fears that radical right-wing populist parties are on the march, while traditional centre-right parties rush to adopt their policies and form governments with them.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Orban should hold the champagne just yet

October 2, 2023

Robert Fico, Slovakia's likely next premier, has little interest in foreign policy and is unlikely to deliberately choose to antagonise the European Commission.