Business conditions in Turkish manufacturing sector stayed subdued in May shows latest PMI data

bne IntelIiNews June 1, 2022

Muted customer demand and ongoing price pressures noted. Economic slowdown in Europe a headache for exporters.

Turkey halts talks with Greece as Erdogan cranks up hard power foreign policy

bne IntelIiNews June 1, 2022

Election clock is ticking on Turkish leader’s bid to win round Turks shocked by extent of economic crisis.

New ‘pattern of oppression in Turkey sees municipalities, AKP banning music concerts’

bne IntelIiNews May 30, 2022

Columnist says authoritarian move is response to “dead-end the current administration finds itself in” because of the country’s “unprecedented, multilayered crisis”.

bneGREEN: Is coal killing us all?

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh May 27, 2022

Ending coal-fired power generation could prevent 14.5mn premature death from air pollution between now and 2050 and would create up to $16.3 trillion in economic benefits.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey’s central bank zombies in (lack of) action again

Akin Nazli in Belgrade May 27, 2022

Inflation rampant. The lira’s losing its moorings. But no rate hike.

Lira drags Turkey further down road to hell

bne IntelIiNews May 24, 2022

Currency breaches 16/$ threshold. Real interest rate at minus-56% is lowest in the world. Markets don’t dare hope that will change at May 26 rates meeting.

Iran the winner as Ukraine conflict repercussions divert European trade flows

bne IntelIiNews May 23, 2022

The importance of the International North-South Transportation Corridor, providing Indian Ocean access via the Iranian port of Chabahar, has soared.

bneGREEN: Fossil fuel closures needed to stand any chance of meeting 1.5°C target

bne IntelliNews May 20, 2022

Ending new oil, gas and coal developments is not enough to reach net zero by 2050, according to new research. Instead, already built fossil fuel projects must be decommissioned early if climate change is to be limited to 1.5°C.

bneGREEN: More proof that climate change threatens lives and causes economic damage

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh May 20, 2022

Human activity has caused irrevocable damage to the climate, causing hundreds of billions of dollars of economic damage and threatening water and food supplies to millions of people.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Erdogan spikes Nato accession talks with Sweden and Finland

Will Conroy in Prague May 18, 2022

Turkish leader leaves US and Europe wondering what his price might be for unblocking what was supposed to be a routine process.

In Nato expansion row Erdogan tells Sweden, Finland ‘Don’t bother sending delegations to Turkey’

bne IntelIiNews May 16, 2022

Turkish president doubles down on opposing Nordic nations’ applications to join defence alliance.

Erdogan comes out against Finland, Sweden joining Nato

Will Conroy in Prague May 13, 2022

Turkish leader says Nordic countries are “home to many terrorist organisations”. Position may anger Western nations that have tolerated Ankara’s decision not to impose war sanctions on Moscow.

bneGREEN: Climate change, war in Ukraine and rising prices create perfect storm threatening global food security

bne IntelliNews May 13, 2022

The war in Ukraine has interrupted grain exports from the country and could create a global food crisis as vulnerable wheat importing countries in Africa and the Middle East face shortages and rising prices.

bneGREEN: Renewables set for record growth in 2022, but 2023 is not so rosy

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh May 11, 2022

Renewables are again set to break global records in 2022, with 320 GW of new capacity forecast to come online and new solar projects in China and Europe driving growth.

Credit card allowance difference between survival and oblivion for millions of Turks amid inflation crisis

Jonny Tickle May 11, 2022

Inflation variously measured at from 70% to 157% has wiped out pay rise gains. There are now more credit cards than people in Turkey.

Turkish scientists work on charging mobile phones using wearable organic solar cells

bne IntelIiNews May 10, 2022

Small panels weaved on to a shirt or coat could mean never having to bother with a charger.

EBRD expects 30% GDP contraction in Ukraine in 2022, lowers emerging Europe projections

Clare Nuttall in Marrakesh May 10, 2022

The EBRD has cut its 2022 emerging Europe growth forecasts again, reflecting a sharp downgrade for Ukraine and the regional fallout from the war and sanctions.