Ukraine, Russia talks in Turkey deliver little but diatribe against West from Lavrov

bne IntelIiNews March 11, 2022

Describes response to Mariupol hospital bombing as “pathetic outcries”, claiming building was taken over by radicals.

MOSCOW BLOG: Recalibrating for the economic war with Russia

Ben Aris in Berlin March 9, 2022

OK people. It’s time to recalibrate. The war between Moscow and Kyiv in Ukraine just went global. It’s now a full blown economic war between East and West.

Turkish supermarket customers wrestle as fears mount of vegetable oil shortages

bne IntelIiNews March 7, 2022

Around two-thirds of country’s sunflower seed oil is shipped from Ukraine and Russia. Social media ‘police’ probe “provocative” messages amid anxiety.

MENA countries’ stances vary as Russia-Ukraine war escalates

bne IntelliNews March 7, 2022

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a disruptive economic impact on the MENA region by driving up global wheat prices, which will impose yet more financial burdens on an already cash-strapped Egypt, the world's largest wheat importer.

Analysts ask if Turkey’s policy of maintaining warm ties with both Ukraine and Russia will come under impossible strain

bne IntelIiNews March 6, 2022

For now, “balancing act has implicit OK from US-European coalition against Putin’s war”, says academic Louis Fishman. Ankara important for coalition as interlocutor with Russia, he adds.

Turkey’s official inflation hits 54%, highest level in 20 years

Akin Nazli in Belgrade March 4, 2022

Research group calculates 124%. Country braces for impacts from Ukraine war. Black Sea trade has simply stopped.

bneGREEN: Urgent pivot to adaption finance needed to contain global warming

By Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh March 4, 2022

The IPCC has warned in its latest climate report that the effects of global warming are already widespread, and that some are now irreversible.

Ukraine ‘puts new shipment of Turkish combat drones into service’

bne IntelIiNews March 3, 2022

Bayraktar TB2s have reportedly notched up several battlefield successes.

An anti-Erdogan blueprint: Turkey has just been given reason to hope

Michael Daventry March 1, 2022

Six parties combine to explain how they plan to end one-man rule in Turkey.

Gas, electricity outages weigh on Turkey’s February manufacturing headline PMI

bne IntelIiNews March 1, 2022

Cost increases remained sharp midway through 1Q, though inflation increases in industry may have peaked around turn of year, says IHS Markit.

ISTANBUL BLOG: No time for a hard parp on the trumpet

Akin Nazli in Belgrade March 1, 2022

Erdogan administration says it’s outperformed G20 with official GDP growth of 11% in 2021. But no-one’s interested in dubious statistics right now.

bneGREEN: IEA warns more needs to be done to stem rising methane emissions

By Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh February 24, 2022

Methane emissions, the second-largest source of global warming, rose by nearly 5% in 2021, IEA’s Global Methane Tracker showed.

bneGREEN: Wind power could provide 2.2mn jobs in developing world as part of green recovery

By Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh February 24, 2022

Wind power has the potential to unlock largely untapped socioeconomic and environmental opportunities in the developing world over the next four years and could provide up to 2.2mn energy jobs in fast-growing economies.

Ukraine to ask Turkey to close Black Sea straits to Russian vessels if invasion takes place

bne IntelIiNews February 24, 2022

Ankara unlikely to do so as involved in delicate balancing act trying to maintain good relations with both Kyiv and Moscow.

Electronic warfare industry ‘stepping up efforts to deliver jamming systems that render combat drones useless’

bne IntelIiNews February 23, 2022

Both Nato and Russia are working on drone-killer concepts and technologies.