Romania’s central bank slows down monetary normalisation cycle with a 75bp hike

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest August 8, 2022

BNR says it expects no further rise in inflation over the coming two quarters and is concerned about the economic stagnation in the second and third quarters of 2022.

Romanian industrial prices increase by 3.1% m/m in June

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest August 3, 2022

8.0% m/m surge in energy prices help industrial price rise keep close to the 50% y/y level for the fourth month in a row.

bneGREEN: Zero-carbon housing a key battleground for climate change

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh August 2, 2022

Zero-carbon housing is a key battleground in combating climate change and global warming, as the residential building sector across Europe has the potential to cut fossil fuel dependency and reduce emissions.

bneGREEN: Europe must double wind and solar deployment

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 29, 2022

EU countries need to double the rate of annual wind and solar capacity additions to reach the volumes required to meet the 1.5C aligned 2030 green capacities, think-tank Ember said in a recent report.

Drought damage to European grain harvest piles on top of Ukraine war impact

bne IntelliNews July 28, 2022

Extreme heat and droughts across several European countries have led to forecasts for this year’s harvests being reduced.

bneGREEN: Green output rises faster than power demand in 2022

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 22, 2022

Renewable power generation has grown faster than sluggish demand so far in 2022, driven by strong capacity additions, IEA data showed, dragging down global power sector CO2 emissions slightly despite rising coal use in Europe.

bneGREEN: Emissions surge to outstrip pre-pandemic levels

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 21, 2022

Global emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases rose 6.4% to 51bn tonnes in 2021, eclipsing the pre-pandemic peak of 50.3bn tonnes in 2019 as global economic activity resumed, International Monetary Fund data showed.

Romania’s public debt reaches 49.2% of GDP at end-April

bne IntelliNews July 20, 2022

Hike in cost of the public borrowing — which increased by 0.9pp to 8.74% in June — raises more concerns than the size of the debt.

IEA chief warns Europe its gas efforts won’t be enough even as Brussels inks deal with Azerbaijan

bne IntelIiNews July 19, 2022

Immediate efforts to cut demand vital, says Fatih Birol, as prospect of EU running out of gas reserves in winter looms.

FDI in CEE: It’s about Russia, inflation and populism

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw July 18, 2022

After February 24, when the first Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, looking at a map of Europe is no longer what it used to be.

Germany’s ZEW Index collapses as fears of gas rationing mount

bne IntelliNews July 13, 2022

Germany’s leading economic index, the ZEW, collapsed in July as fears mount that Russia will cut the country off from gas entirely at the end of this month, and that could spark a major economic crisis, Oxford Economics reported on July 12.

NEMETHY: The riskiest macroeconomic environment of the 21st Century!

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors July 12, 2022

In my opinion, the macro environment is riskier than before the Dotcom Bubble and before the Great Financial Bubble. Why? A nasty cocktail of factors which may reinforce each other:

bneGREEN: The need for nuclear in the energy transition

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 9, 2022

Nuclear is set to make a "comeback," with capacity forecast to double between 2020 and 2050 from 413 GW to 812 GW, the IEA said.

Romanian exporters struggle to find port capacity amid flow of goods from Ukraine

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest July 8, 2022

The flow of merchandise through Romania’s Constanta Port has tripled since the war in Ukraine started, putting pressure on the capacity of the port that now is restricting the activity of Romanian exporters.

Emerging markets see $4bn of outflows in June as global recession fears grow

Ben Aris in Berlin July 7, 2022

Pockets of weakness persist in emerging markets where real interest rates are deeply negative – and risks for those countries are rapidly mounting.

Tougher times ahead for Emerging Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow July 7, 2022

With no end to the Ukraine war in sight, spiralling inflation is set to drag down growth across Emerging Europe in the second half of 2022 and into 2023, wiiw’s latest forecasts say.

Spending by Ukrainian refugees helps push up Romania's retail sales in May

bne IntelliNews July 7, 2022

Romania’s retail sales up 8.1% y/y in May, pushed up by refugees' spending as well as households front-loading planned expenditures before expected price rises.