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MOSCOW BLOG: Putin at work at the illiberal G20 summit

July 5, 2019

The common wisdom is that Russian President Vladimir Putin is all about tactics and doesn't have a strategy. But things have changed. The collapse of the west has made it easy for Putin, who is capitalising on an improving hand.

MOSCOW BLOG: Putin promises to take out the garbage in his annual phone-in

June 20, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to placate growing popular dissent during his annual call-in by promising to clean up Russia's rubbish problem, amongst many other issues that affect the average Russian's daily life directly.

MOSCOW BLOG: Can Russia halve its poverty level?

May 13, 2019

President Putin unveiled a very ambitious reform plan during his state of the nation speech on March 1 last year. Among the ambitious goals — some say unattainable goals — the president called for a drastic reduction in poverty.

MOSCOW BLOG: Businesses threaten to boycott the St Petersburg investment summit as Michael Calvey does his first month in jail

March 14, 2019

US citizen and arguably Russia’s most successful fund manager Michael Calvey was arrested on Valentine’s Day and is still sitting in jail despite a public outcry by fellow financiers and a raft of leading Russian liberal politicians.

MOSCOW BLOG: will Russia's infrastructure spending cause a boom?

March 12, 2019

The Kremlin is launching into a six-year long $400bn spending bonanza that is intended to transform the economy. It's a lot of money and if the money is well spent it could cause a boom.