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ISTANBUL BLOG: It’s good riddance to Kilicdaroglu, but who and what is Ozgur Ozel?

November 8, 2023

Opposition has a new leader but with next presidential vote due in 2028, the fear is there’ll be no country left to run by the time the vote comes around.

ISTANBUL BLOG: A loud but microscopic step towards economic “normalisation” as Erdogan howls at the West

October 29, 2023

Turkish leader’s new stage show could create problems for the financial media.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Veteran courthouse reporter reveals Turkish judiciary’s bribe tariff

October 20, 2023

In the corridors of Turkey’s courts, the opportunity to pay for favourable decisions is said to be an open secret.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Fly in the ointment as traders recall how Erdogan gummed up the London offshore market

October 10, 2023

Another headache for Turkey’s new economic team preparing to welcome in the global finance industry.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Regime press reports Turkey’s top diplomat lambasted US counterpart for supporting PKK

October 8, 2023

Washington actually on dodgy ground when it states YPG is not the same as the organisation designated as terrorist.