Hungarian startup to revolutionise parking

Hungarian startup to revolutionise parking
An underground car park in Budapest where Rollet's services are available.
By Levente Szilagyi in Budapest June 13, 2019

Hungarian startup Parkour Technologies has developed a seamless drive-through payment app called Rollet that could revolutionise the way motorists pay for parking.

The developer of the app was founded in 2017 from a HUF124mn (€385mn) capital investment by state-owned venture capital fund Hiventures. It has attracted some HUF600mn from other investors.

The unique selling point of the service is that payment is made through the "visual identity" of the car, which allows motorists to seamlessly enter and exit a garage as payments are automatically handled behind the scenes. 

As the car approaches the parking gate, it opens automatically after the parking fee is deducted.

There is no additional charge for using the app for parking, so users pay the same as they would when buying a ticket in a traditional mode.

The service made its debut a year ago in Debrecen, where the company is based with 20 staff. The automated payment system is currently available in eight parking lots at Hungary’s second largest city.  The service is also available at Debrecen airport, where passenger traffic is expected to climb to 700,000 this year. Parkour Technologies launched the service in Budapest at a dozen parking lots this year.

Rollet’s founder and CEO Andy Zhang said the company is working to introduce the seamless drive-through payment across the country, not just at parking lots, but at fuel stations, car washes and drive-through restaurants.

The company incurred a HUF60mn loss on HUF16mn revenue last year.