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Google, Mozilla and Apple block Kazakhstan “trust” certificate that spies on citizens’ internet use

bne IntelliNews August 23, 2019

Internet giants move against security measure introduced following election protests that severely embarrassed new president.

#bneTech: Kazakhstan attempts to spy on citizens’ web use via encryption-busting Qaznet Trust Certificate

bne IntelliNews July 24, 2019

This "is about surveillance, not security" says IT executive, urging browser-makers such as Mozilla and Google to intervene. Move comes following big anti-regime protests during election.

TEHRAN BLOG: Iran did it because Mad Uncle Donald says so

bne IntelliNews June 14, 2019

Trump, seen by the Iranians as not even fit to run a chip shop, points his gnarled finger at the Islamic Republic following the tanker attacks.

KAZAKHSTAN PROTESTS: 'Spetsnaz special forces' units round up election observers at arena

bne IntelliNews June 11, 2019

‘Fake presidential poll’ demonstrations continue over June 10-11 as shoo-in Tokayev officially wins office as Nazarbayev’s successor.