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CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Turkmenistan, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for methane emissions

March 29, 2023

Armed with evidence of “super-emitter” sites gathered by “satellite detectives”, climate change scientists will hope to persuade the Turkmens that measures to fix the leaks will pay for themselves.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Taliban’s lousy power deals exposed as Uzbekistan pulls plug in deadly cold

February 3, 2023

Partly thanks to infrastructure projects blown up by the militants while they were trying to turf out the US, Afghanistan is dependent on neighbours for 73% of its electricity.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Air thick with disapproval of government as Mongolians welcome in new year

January 4, 2023

The coal mafia affair meant the new year wishes proffered by the ruling politicians rang rather hollow.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Private Capital to play a leading role in creating the New Uzbekistan

November 7, 2022

The second Uzbekistan Economic Forum held on November 4-5 in Samarkand was a big success. Businessmen and investors travelled from all over the world to come and see for themselves what is now probably the best investment story in Eurasia.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Media risk underplaying significance of Tajikistan’s attack on Kyrgyzstan says academic

September 20, 2022

Term “border clash” not sufficient for “some of the most violent and consequential” days in the independent history of Central Asia.