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Reflections from our correspondents on the ground in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

BALKAN BLOG: Moldova’s beleaguered pro-EU authorities opt for radical and risky steps

November 17, 2022

Weekly mass protests and the ‘Moldova Leaks’ scandal have put the government under pressure. Its response risks undermining its reformist credentials.

BALKAN BLOG: Moldova wastes opportunity to ignite judicial reforms

October 19, 2022

Reforming the justice sector was at the top of the agenda of the new government formed by Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, but reforms have been slow.

BALKAN BLOG: Serbia’s mixed messages serve a purpose

October 5, 2022

Serbia is infuriating the EU and putting its accession progress at risk by retaining links with Russia, but this is part of a deliberate strategy.

BALKAN BLOG: What Turkey’s Erdogan can offer the Western Balkans

September 9, 2022

President Erdogan offers Turkey’s support to resolve critical situations that threaten stability in the Western Balkans, but what can Ankara achieve in the region?

BALKAN BLOG: Five days to preserve peace in the Western Balkans

August 26, 2022

After a backlash from Serbs in northern Kosovo, the government in Pristina postponed new rules on ID cards and car number plates until September 1. That date is now approaching.