Special Reports


Azerbaijan treads a cautious diplomatic path

Azerbaijan is in a situation Poles can sympathise with - wedged between two powerful and occasionally belligerent neighbours, both of which have occupied it in the past. But while it has in common with Poland a difficult relationship with Russia, on its other flank lies not liberal democratic Germany, but theocratic and difficult Iran.

Not quite Spring in Azerbaijan

The demonstration ended with rubber bullets, water cannon and arrests - a common denouement to protests in Azerbaijan. But were the scenes in Baku on March 10 the sign of a swelling popular movement that could topple President Aliyev, or merely a minor drama involving a small rent-a-mob bent on provocation and with little support?

Azerbaijan's ambitions in space

In February, Azerbaijan launched its first commercial communications satellite Azerspace-1, which is designed to tap into the massive demand for high-quality broadband internet, data and broadcasting services across the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa.

Promoting Azerbaijan

While businesses are figuring out what to make of the investment opportunities in Azerbaijan, the country is hard at work at finding ways to attract investors and encourage the growth of its non-oil sector.

Baku pushes Azerbaijan's high-tech sector

A state-owned venture capital fund is poised to start making its first investments in Azerbaijan, where the government is aggressively pushing the development of its ICT sector as part of its efforts to diversify the economy.