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The EU and US expanded sanctions against Russia late on July 29, hitting the country's banking, energy and defence industries. Talk of even further action...Read more


Warsaw leapt on July 29 to push troubled flag carrier LOT Polish Airlines to raise its efforts to find a buyer as a ruling from the European Commission on...Read more


Hungary's competition watchdog GVH has raided the Hungarian headquarters of French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis as the first step of a proceedings against the...Read more


Russian lawmakers have reportedly drafted amendments that would brand states that impose sanctions on Russia as "aggressor countries." The pro-Kremlin daily...Read more


Slovakia's consumer confidence increased to its highest level in more than six years in July, data from the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic showed...Read more


Bulgarian MPs approved budget amendment proposals during an emergency session on Tuesday afternoon.

Revisal of National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK)'...Read more


An EU-led inquiry found "compelling indications" that Kosovo Albanian guerrillas extracted body organs from Serb captives during the 1998-99 war and sold...Read more

FOCUS News Agency

All economic sectors in Bulgaria were affected by the unstable situation in Bulgaria, Capital Daily writes.

The political crisis and the unstable...Read more


Romania's ruling leftist alliance endorsed Prime Minister Victor Ponta's candidacy in a Nov. 2 presidential election on Tuesday, with opinion polls showing...Read more


Slovenia has announced it is re-launching the privatization of 15 state-owned enterprises before the new government assumes office.

The plan was...Read more

Jacopo Dettoni in Ulaanbaatar

It may be a difference of less than 10 centimetres, but it's proving enough to revive Mongolians' darkest feelings of suspicion about their giant southern...Read more


The Georgian Prosecutor's Office announced that three criminal cases have been filed against former president Mikheil Saakashvili (2004-2013) on July 28....Read more


Economic Court in Tashkent region of Uzbekistan arrested properties and banking accounts of Ahangarancement, the company said in disclosure in Birja...Read more


Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (TRQ, TRQ.TO) Wednesday said it has entered into a share purchase agreement with National United Resources Holdings Limited, a...Read more


The United States Department of State has added Turkmenistan to its shortlist of especially worrying religious freedom offenders, calling the reclusive...Read more


US spares Sberbank, EU list to be published later today. The EU and the US imposed sanctions on several Russian state banks yesterday Ð the EU's list will...Read more

RIA Novosti

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine and tougher Western sanctions against Russia would bring negative economic consequences for the EU and the CIS countries and...Read more

Moscow Times

The Central Bank on Tuesday decided to create its own, brand-new platform for Russia's national payment system, rather than contracting a company to build...Read more

RIA Novosti

Japan is in the process of preparing for the implementation of its sanctions against Russia, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a press...Read more


Investors push Russian stocks lower while waiting for new sanctions. The RTS hesitated yesterday as investors waited for the new sanctions to be announced....Read more

Concorde Capital

The U.S. and EU governments announced a coordinated third round of sanctions against the Russian government on July 29 in order to pressure it to withdraw...Read more

Tim Ash, Standard Bank

The fighting continues on the ground in the Donbas, with the Ukrainian military reporting steady progress in their efforts to clear the region of...Read more

Concorde Capital

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko agreed on July 29 to allow Minsk to be the site of trilateral talks between Ukrainians, Russians and the...Read more

RIA Novosti

In a Monday appearance before the Atlantic Council, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stated that Ukrainian membership in the European Union has...Read more

Concorde Capital

Ukrainian equities offered investors big gains and losses on Wednesday, July 29. The WIG Ukraine Index of Warsaw-traded stocks rose 0.4%, fueled by demand...Read more


June 7, 2013

To cheering crowds greeting his return at the airport, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in general kept to his...Read more

VTB Capital

News: The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has published its regular weekly statistics: lending growth accelerated to 24.8% YoY and outflows from the...Read more

VTB Capital

News: Having returned home late last night, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan made a brief statement at 3am at Ataturk Istanbul airport to the pro-AKP crowd...Read more

Hurriyet Daily News

More than 10,000 supporters of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan flocked to Istanbul's AtatŸrk Airport to greet him on his return from his four-day trip...Read more

VTB Capital

In May, the VTB Capital Banks Index was down 5.9%, underperforming both MSCI EM Banks (-1.9%) and MSCI RU (-3.6%). Russian banks were in a volatile trading...Read more

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A majority of the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), including all EU member states and several non-EU...Read more

Ben Aris in Tbilisi

Steady economic growth and low exposure to international markets have left Georgia's banking sector sheltered from the worst of the financial storms that...Read more


Hungary's conversion of foreign currency loans is now set to take place only next year, the economy minister said on July 21. The delay is likely to have...Read more


Hungary's government said on Thursday it had agreed a deal to buy MKB, one of the country's largest commercial banks with more than 80 branches, from...Read more

David O'Byrne in Istanbul

Turkey's state-owned high street bank Turkiye Halk Bankasi is to sell its insurance subsidiary Halk Sigorta and its life insurance and pensions subsidiary...Read more

VTB Capital

News: President Vladimir Putin has signed a law temporarily lifting the ban on beer advertising on TV while broadcasting sport events, on sport sites and...Read more

Moscow Times

Russia's Interior Ministry is offering nearly 4 million rubles ($114,000) for research on ways to get data on users of the anonymous web surfing network Tor...Read more


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law requiring internet companies to store all personal data of Russian users at data centres in Russia, a move...Read more

Moscow Times

Online marketplace eBay still sees Russia as its top priority in emerging markets, the company said Wednesday, directly contradicting media reports that...Read more


RBC founders get majority of board seats. Armada (ARMD RX ? Under Review) announced yesterday that it elected a new board of directors at its EGM on 21 July...Read more


At its today's rate setting meeting, the monetary council reduced the base rate by further 20bp, to 2.10%. The decision came as a surprise, as the broad...Read more

Jan Cienski in Warsaw

Poland's economy is showing increasing signs of slowing, with new data released on July 23 indicating sluggish retail sales growth. The poor numbers come on...Read more


The IMF's latest World Economic Outlook (WEO) Update says that global recovery continues but at an uneven pace, and that downside risks remain. Continued...Read more

SP advisors

The economic decline in 1H14 was limited and overall the economy exceeded our expectations. The decline in industrial output stabilized at close to 5% yoy,...Read more


In July 2014, the DG ECFIN flash estimate of the consumer confidence indicator decreased in both the EU (by -1.2 points to -5.5) and the euro area (by -0.9...Read more

Jan Cienski in Warsaw

Jan Kulczyk is back. After years of keeping a very low profile in his home country, Poland's richest man is again cutting deals and spooking politicians...Read more


Hungarian oil and gas group MOL responded to the Croatian Economy Minister saying the government may prepare to buy out MOL from INA. It said in a statement...Read more


The Croatian press speculated today on the price for MOL's 49% stake in INA, based on information from unofficial, but well informed sources. According to...Read more


Police raided offices across the country belonging to Slovakia's dominant power producer Slovenske Elektrarne on July 23 hunting for documents from related...Read more


Poland's richest man Jan Kulczyk will combine his Polish energy assets under PEP to forge the country's largest private utility, the group said.

...Read more


After weeks of disagreement, the Czech coalition announced on July 21 that it has finally agreed on the country's next EU commissioner. Vera Jourova, the...Read more


Europe's foreign ministers failed to agree new sanctions against Russia for its alleged role in the downing of MH17 despite a push by Britain, Sweden and a...Read more

James de Candole

In March 2004, Jiri Kovar, the golfing lawyer and lobbyist from southern Moravia, celebrated his 40th birthday in Prague. According to those present, the...Read more

Jan Cienski in Warsaw

Poland's prime minister has a chance to take the most prestigious job a Pole has held since John Paul II was Pope. But as Donald Tusk considers whether to...Read more

Concorde Capital

EU Energy Commissioner GŸnther Oettinger opposes sanctions on Russian natural gas and oil but doesn't rule out sanctions on energy technology and equipment...Read more


Changing routes to Southeast Europe. Aeroflot Group (AFLT RX ? Hold) has changed its routes to a number of destinations in Europe to bypass Ukraine....Read more


The construction of infrastructure for Rosneft's (MOEX: ROSN) Far East Petrochemical Company (FEPCO) project should be included on the list of natural...Read more

Moscow Times

More than one week after a deadly derailment in the Moscow metro claimed 23 lives, dozens of injured passengers remain hospitalized, Interfax reported...Read more


Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced the dismissal of the head of the Moscow Metro, Ivan Besedin.

"Head of the Moscow Metro Ivan Sergeyevich...Read more

Moscow Times

Russia's Federal Penal Service said that the country's inmates would soon be contributing to public works including the construction of the Kerch Strait...Read more

July 21, 2014

The tension in the West was highlighted yet again by the lopsided sanctions imposed on Russia on July 16. While Washington targeted Russian banks and oil...Read more

Moscow Times

The outflow of capital from Russia-dedicated funds reached a six-month high in the wake of the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in rebel-held...Read more

Jan Cienski in Warsaw

Polish refiner PKN Orlen continues to be haunted by its disastrous 2006 decision to invest in Lithuania's Mazeikiu refinery. The company announced on July...Read more


Local inflows to Poland's equities market are about to plummet as fewer Poles than expected have opted to continue saving for their retirement in the stock...Read more


Foreign equity and bond investors who had tentatively ventured back into Russia after a huge early-2014 selloff are again slashing their holdings for fear...Read more


Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov said Wednesday that the bankruptcy of Russia's mining and metals company Mechel could be avoided.

"Frankly...Read more

Special Reports


Azerbaijan treads a cautious diplomatic path

Azerbaijan is in a situation Poles can sympathise with - wedged between two powerful and occasionally belligerent neighbours, both of which have occupied it in the past. But while it has in common with Poland a difficult relationship with Russia, on its other flank lies not liberal democratic Germany, but theocratic and difficult Iran.

Not quite Spring in Azerbaijan

The demonstration ended with rubber bullets, water cannon and arrests - a common denouement to protests in Azerbaijan. But were the scenes in Baku on March 10 the sign of a swelling popular movement that could topple President Aliyev, or merely a minor drama involving a small rent-a-mob bent on provocation and with little support?

Azerbaijan's ambitions in space

In February, Azerbaijan launched its first commercial communications satellite Azerspace-1, which is designed to tap into the massive demand for high-quality broadband internet, data and broadcasting services across the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa.

Promoting Azerbaijan

While businesses are figuring out what to make of the investment opportunities in Azerbaijan, the country is hard at work at finding ways to attract investors and encourage the growth of its non-oil sector.

Baku pushes Azerbaijan's high-tech sector

A state-owned venture capital fund is poised to start making its first investments in Azerbaijan, where the government is aggressively pushing the development of its ICT sector as part of its efforts to diversify the economy.