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Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine are set to sign an agreement on September 19 to create a joint military brigade, in a move brought forward as a response to...Read more

Dr Nicholas Spiro of Spiro Sovereign Strategy

During last year's "taper tantrum," triggered by the unexpected announcement in May by the US Federal Reserve that it planned to wind down its asset...Read more

Jan Cienski in Warsaw

Poland's dalliance with foreign currency mortgages, especially those denominated in Swiss francs, continues to cast a pall over the country's banking...Read more


Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius plans to speak with US energy major Chevron on shale gas exploration and production in the Baltic state....Read more


Poland is taking steps towards creating a gas trading and transit hub in Central and Eastern Europe aimed at accomplishing what much of the region has...Read more


The Slovenian parliament  approved Prime Minister Miro Cerar’s cabinet on September 18, ushering in an a government that has...Read more


The Albanian parliament voted overwhelmingly to dismiss long-serving central bank governor Ardian Fullani on September 19. Fullani's sacking was already...Read more

East Capital

The coming six months in Turkey are likely to be considerably quieter than the previous six, and the following six months. The relatively tranquility is,...Read more

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest

Romania almost doubled electricity exports in the first half of 2014, as Bucharest seeks to take advantage of power deficits elsewhere in Southeast Europe...Read more


Bulgaria is in talks with neighbouring Greece on gas imports, fearing the Ukraine crisis may lead to disruption of supply from Russia, its economy minister...Read more


Georgia's president has rejected suggestions that he is planning to set up his own political party, despite an apparent widening split between him and the...Read more


Turkmenistan's armed forces have entered the territory of Afghanistan in an apparent effort to drive back Taliban forces that had settled on the border...Read more


Oil production decrease expected in Kazakhstan after 2020, this has been said by general director of KAZENERGY Association Asset Magauov who presented the...Read more

Hispanic Business Magazine

"No good results are visible since grants and loans obtained by the country were socially-oriented, not economically-oriented," Amazat Akeleyev, ex-chairman...Read more


Prices for electricity, natural gas, heating, and water are due to rise in Uzbekistan beginning on October 1.

On September 18, Uzneftegaz State Oil...Read more


Bucking a European-wide trend for scaling back economic cooperation with Russia, Finland's coalition government has approved plans for a new nuclear power...Read more


Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko called on America to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons during a speech to Congress on September 18.

"We can't...Read more


Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a reduction in the interest rates on loans to companies in order to develop the "real sector of the economy"...Read more


Russia is considering measures to strengthen its "sovereignty" over the Internet, according to business daily Vedomosti. A number of meetings are to be held...Read more


Alibaba IPO priced at top of the range, Scotland votes against independence. The S&P500 rose 0.5% overnight and NASDAQ gained 0.7% ahead of Alibaba's...Read more


Output in the war-torn Donbas region of East Ukraine, Ukraine's industrial heartland, plummeted by over 60% in August year-on-year, according to Ukraine's...Read more


The European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union's bank, will lend Û1.5-3bn in Ukraine in 2014-2016, EIB President Werner Hoyer told journalists in...Read more


Nadra Ukraine could exclude a shadowy local partner from massive shale gas production sharing agreements signed in 2013 with international energy giants...Read more


Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko called on America to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons during a speech to Congress on September 18.

"We can't...Read more

Concorde Capital

Ukrainian equities kept sliding on Thursday, Sept. 18. The WIG Ukraine Index of Warsaw-traded stocks decreased 0.7%, weighed down by its biggest component,...Read more


June 7, 2013

To cheering crowds greeting his return at the airport, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in general kept to his...Read more

VTB Capital

News: The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has published its regular weekly statistics: lending growth accelerated to 24.8% YoY and outflows from the...Read more

VTB Capital

News: Having returned home late last night, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan made a brief statement at 3am at Ataturk Istanbul airport to the pro-AKP crowd...Read more

Hurriyet Daily News

More than 10,000 supporters of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan flocked to Istanbul's AtatŸrk Airport to greet him on his return from his four-day trip...Read more

VTB Capital

In May, the VTB Capital Banks Index was down 5.9%, underperforming both MSCI EM Banks (-1.9%) and MSCI RU (-3.6%). Russian banks were in a volatile trading...Read more

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Moscow Times

The Russian currency plunged to historic lows against the dollar Thursday as the European Union appeared to end more than a week of vacillation by opting to...Read more

Economic Times of India

IMF and the World Bank, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has said.Ê

"I don't think it was primarily meant to challenge the existing multilateral...Read more

RIA Novosti

Tougher EU sanctions will not affect the stability of Russian banks, even though sanctions could limit the growth of financing arrangements, former Deputy...Read more


The only remaining potential buyer of Citadele Bank, American Ripplewood Holdings wants to reduce the already minimal price set by the Latvian government -...Read more


Russian top bank Sberbank is considering a possibility of being listed on the Singapore Exchange, CEO German Gref said in an interview with local daily The...Read more

September 15, 2014

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says it is necessary to make savings of EUR 700 million to ensure financial consolidation in the year to come.

Vucic...Read more

Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey-based global airport operator TAV has signed an agreement with Limak Group for the acquisition of a 40-percent share in Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen...Read more

Romania Insider

Oil and gas company OMV Petrom has recently completed the modernization of Petrobrazi Refinery in Romania, following investments of EUR 600 million, carried...Read more

RIA Novosti

Bosnian Serbs are closely monitoring the referendum on Scottish independence in hopes that a "yes" vote will boost their own chances of proclaiming a...Read more


The slowdown in Central and South Eastern Europe in the second quarter has raised concerns about the region's exposure to the crisis in Ukraine. In this...Read more


Poland has joined calls for the EU to spend more to boost growth, deepening the chorus of dissent against German-led plans to rein in spending across the...Read more

Renaissance Capital

We see Russian GDP accelerating from 0.8% in 2014 to 1.7% in 2015 (Bloomberg consensus 1.2%). The main risks arise from geopolitics, and below we quantify...Read more


The decline of a couple of per cent in total investments during the first six months of this year was due to investments by small businesses and the grey...Read more

VTB Capital

Today, the CBR decided to leave rates unchanged, with the key rate at 8.00%, against our expectations and in line with consensus. Despite a signal in July's...Read more


Financially challenged Russian metals giant Mechel is considering selling one of its core facilities, Chelyabinsk metal works, CEO Oleg Korzhov told...Read more

RIA Novosti

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who still owns Sevastopol Marine Plant (SMP), has put it up for sale, acting Sevastopol governor told RIA Novosti on...Read more

Robert Anderson in Prague

Piano Media, the Central Europe-based media paywall company, has acquired the much larger Press+ of the US for an undisclosed sum to become the market...Read more

VTB Capital

News: Rosneft is negotiating a deal to sell 85-90 gas stations to Trafigura, Kommersant reports. The divestiture of the assets was ordered by the Federal...Read more


A joint venture between state-owned industrial corporation Rostec and Canada's Bombardier for constructing Q400 planes in Russia is delayed for at least a...Read more

Jan Ondrich

CEE politicians talk of nuclear power projects at home is the result of inertia, not forward-looking policy based upon sound analysis. They use two mistaken...Read more

Mark Adomanis in Washington

The ongoing fiasco in Ukraine, for which there is more than enough blame to go around, and the escalating standoff with the EU and Nato have convinced quite...Read more

Concorde Capital

The Ukrainian and European parliaments will ratify the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement simultaneously on Sept. 16, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko...Read more

Ben Aris in Vienna

The European Union said it would go ahead implement new sanctions on Russia on Friday, September 12, despite the general agreement that a ceasefire is...Read more

RIA Novosti

American oil giant ExxonMobil is exploring the possible influence of the United States sanctions against Russia on the joint project in the Arctic with...Read more

September 15, 2014

Population of Kazakhstan has increased by 0.9% in January-July 2014 and equaled 17.3 million people, said chairman of the Statistics Committee of the...Read more


The volume of oil production in Kazakhstan in 2015 is projected at 81.8 million tons, said on Monday Minister of National Economy Erbolat Dossayev during...Read more

Jan Cienski in Warsaw

In life, you often get what's coming to you, is one of the aphorisms that the pricklier countries of Central Europe should probably take to heart when...Read more


President Petro Poroshenko has submitted the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to parliament for ratification, 10 months after his predecessor Viktor...Read more


Number of resident population of Uzbekistan made up 30.703 million people, according to preliminary data, or grew by 0.7% or 210,000 people in the first...Read more

September 1, 2014

Ukraine's crumbling finances has had the bond markets desperately trying to gauge the dangers and potential of state debt throughout the crisis. The likely...Read more

VTB Capital

News: The Central Bank registered Bashneft's SPO on 5 September, according to Interfax. Formally, the company is allowed to place new shares both...Read more


Russia's Finance Ministry is trying to save the pensions savings system from being entirely liquidated, according to business daily Vedomosti.

The...Read more

Sberbank CIB

MSCI is consulting with the investment community to enhance the methodology for its global investable market indexes. The deadline for feedback is November...Read more

Renaissance Capital

Yesterday (9 September), Mail.ru raised $81mn via the sale of a 4% stake in QIWI. For QIWI, we see the news as neutral to slightly positive, reducing the...Read more

Moscow Times

Russian stocks rebounded on Friday as investors concluded that the market had over-reacted to new European Union sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine...Read more

Special Reports


Azerbaijan treads a cautious diplomatic path

Azerbaijan is in a situation Poles can sympathise with - wedged between two powerful and occasionally belligerent neighbours, both of which have occupied it in the past. But while it has in common with Poland a difficult relationship with Russia, on its other flank lies not liberal democratic Germany, but theocratic and difficult Iran.

Not quite Spring in Azerbaijan

The demonstration ended with rubber bullets, water cannon and arrests - a common denouement to protests in Azerbaijan. But were the scenes in Baku on March 10 the sign of a swelling popular movement that could topple President Aliyev, or merely a minor drama involving a small rent-a-mob bent on provocation and with little support?

Azerbaijan's ambitions in space

In February, Azerbaijan launched its first commercial communications satellite Azerspace-1, which is designed to tap into the massive demand for high-quality broadband internet, data and broadcasting services across the Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa.

Promoting Azerbaijan

While businesses are figuring out what to make of the investment opportunities in Azerbaijan, the country is hard at work at finding ways to attract investors and encourage the growth of its non-oil sector.

Baku pushes Azerbaijan's high-tech sector

A state-owned venture capital fund is poised to start making its first investments in Azerbaijan, where the government is aggressively pushing the development of its ICT sector as part of its efforts to diversify the economy.